TIKTOK STAR MURDERS on Peacock is a new True Crime documentary about social media creators and what happens behind the scenes. Read our full TikTok Star Murders documentary review here!

TIKTOK STAR MURDERS is a new Peacock documentary. This is True Crime, so if you’re familiar with the actual case, you’ll know what story you’re about to do a deep dive into.

The runtime is just 1 hour and 30 minutes, so it’s a fairly straight-forward documentary. Whether it’s style and vibe is to your liking is another thing. Please note that domestic abuse is a big part of the story, so that might hit harder for some viewers.

Continue reading our TikTok Star Murders review below. Find it on Peacock from June 25, 2024.

What happens when you’re not online?!

Ali Abulaban rose to TikTok fame as a creator under the username JinnKid. This was in late 2019, when he became known for doing impressions that went viral. Quite often, these featured his beautiful wife, Ana.

On the surface, the TikTok-famous couple seemed to have it all. But what happens when they’re not online? The world would come to learn that it was a relationship full of domestic violence. And while it wasn’t online, Ali was filming it all.

When someone is a narcissist, they cannot help but put themselves in the center of everything. Add to this that Ali was an addict and extremely jealous, you have an accident waiting to happen.

TikTok Star Murders – Review | Peacock True Crime Documentary

The tragic and fatal end

If all the data on femicide has shown us anything (and there is a lot of data), it’s that the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship is when the perpetrator is being left. This is when things have a tragic tendency to end in murder.

When Ana seeks independence and wants to secure a happy life without abuse for her and her daughter, it’s the beginning of the fatal end.

In October 2021, the relationship finally disintegrates, and the result is that two people die.

You will see how it comes to this via private, never-before-aired cellphone footage and audio. Needless to say, it does get very brutal. I mean, the outcome is murder, so it doesn’t get much more brutal than that.

Watch TikTok Star Murders on Peacock now

In this documentary, we’re getting first-time interviews with close friends and family of the social media-famed couple. Or really, they are TikTok famous. In the other TikTok-titled documentary recently released featured people using other social media platforms as well.


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The producer of this Peacock true crime documentary is Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson. Obviosuly, this alone is enough for the documentary to drum up interest. Also, reporter Kelsey Christensen, who interviewed Ali upon his arrest, delivers commentary while insights from a clinical forensic psychologist is also included to offer more angles.

I’m not a fan of documentaries that get too “flashy” with quick cuts. A more sombre approach works better for me. This one has a mix as many of the people interviewed seem to enjoy their moment of fame. Others do secure the more serious and heartfelt approach.

TikTok Star Murders premieres exclusively on Peacock on June 25, 2024.


Ali and Ana Abulaban have it all — great jobs, a beautiful young daughter and the promise of stardom. A TikTok creator who gained popularity under the username JinnKid in late 2019, Ali is known for his viral Skyrim and Scarface comedic impressions, often featuring his beautiful wife, Ana. To his fans, Ali is talented, funny, charismatic and has a picture-perfect relationship with the modelesque Ana. They seemingly have it all, but not everything online is as it seems.

Under the surface is a relationship falling apart, full of domestic violence, and Ali is filming it — disturbing never-before-seen footage of private fights from his cell phone. Narcissism, addiction and crippling jealousy all play a role in Ali’s desire for control and fame, while Ana seeks independence and a happy life for her and her daughter. The relationship disintegrates, and in October of 2021, the abuse takes a deadly turn that leaves two people dead, and another facing a lifetime behind bars.

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