ULTRASOUND is a new crazy sci-fi thriller. And I do mean crazy in a good way. You just need to be patient at first. Admittedly, the first third or so threw me for a loop. Ultimately, however, I surrendered completely to its concept. Read our full Ultrasound movie review here!

ULTRASOUND (2021) is a new sci-fi movie. Pretty early on, you’ll catch on to the fact that it’s different from most other sci-fi movies. That’s partly why I end up referring to it simply as a “crazy sci-fi thriller”, which is a term of endearment here. The movie is based on the comic book “Generous Bosom” by Conor Stechschulte and released by Magnet Releasing.

I am not familiar with Conor Stechschulte’s comic book, so this was a whole new world for me. In fact, I went in completely cold and only read the short plot blurb on IMDb. This was a little tough at first, but I was intrigued from the very first moment. I won’t give away much of anything in this review, since we don’t do spoilers.

However, I can reveal that you will be thrown for several loops while watching this movie.

Continue reading our Ultrasound movie review below to learn if this movie is for you. Hint: If you like movies that are full of mindf*ck moments, then this one is definitely for you.

Just surrender to it!

I say this every now and then, but it bears repeating: You cannot watch a movie like Ultrasound while also being on your phone. So, if you’re considering “giving this a chance” while also scrolling mindlessly through some social media feed, then just forget it. You’ll be one of those sad people that leave a 1-star review on IMDb saying “I gave up after an hour”. Newsflash: Then you did not watch the movie!

Ultrasound definitely requires your full attention. And you will not know what’s going on at first. You’re in the shoes of the main character, who has no idea what’s going on either. Or rather, he isn’t really the main character, since there are (ultimately) several main characters. In different ways.

Yeah, it sounds a little crazy. And it is. But in all the right ways. You do, however, need to just surrender to it at first. Like a puzzle where you get the pieces along the way. By the final third, you will know the broad scope of things, but a few surprises can still occur.

Ultrasound (2022) – Review | Sci-fi Thriller

The cast makes it work!

I know, I know, it’s the chicken and the egg thing; Does the movie work because the script is good or because the actors make it work? The opposite side of that coin is; Can bad actors happen to good screenplays? Both can be true. However, with a good screenplay and director, the cast will always shine. And vice versa.

In Ultrasound, the cast makes everything come together for the viewer. And I do mean the cast because this screenplay (and core plot) does require actors who really know how to make this work. Breeda Wool has shown time and time again that she can handle any character or plot thrown at her.

We still don’t see her nearly enough, but it was through her character that I quickly surrendered to this concept. You may know Breeda Wool from the Mr. Mercedes series (based on Stephen King’s trilogy about Bill Hodges). Also, she starred in one of the short films from the XX female horror anthology.

Before we get to see Breeda Wool on screen, the three stars of the story (who continue to be part of it till the end) are made up of other familiar faces. Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men, My Friend Dahmer) is the main protagonist from the opening story. This story also features Chelsea Lopez (Novitiate) and Bob Stephenson (Lady Bird). All of them are amazing in this movie.

The same goes for Tunde Adebimpe (She Dies Tomorrow) who also plays a key role.

Watch Ultrasound in theaters or On-Demand

Rob Schroeder is the director of Ultrasound which is (as mentioned initially) based on a comic book. That comic book was made by Conor Stechschulte, who also wrote the screenplay for this movie. And that’s probably why it ultimately works so well. This is actually the feature film debut for director Rob Schroeder which means I have very high hopes (and expectations) for his feature career.

And yes, I do realize that I’ve used the word “ultimately” quite a few times while talking about Ultrasound. That’s because this sci-fi movie really is all about the journey. You need to have the full experience before the entire puzzle ultimately (there it is again!) makes sense. However, it is so worth it.

You just have to accept that – for a while there – you’ll be as confused and out-of-the-loop as several characters in the movie are. So, be patient with Ultrasound and it will reward you in the end. Also, for the love of good filmmaking, try to avoid spoilers and just experience this one first-hand.

ULTRASOUND is out in select theaters and on demand from March 11, 2022.


Director: Rob Schroeder
Writer: Conor Stechschulte
Cast: Vincent Kartheiser, Chelsea Lopez, Bob Stephenson, Brenda Wool, Tunde Adebimpe, Rainey Qualley


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