THE WHOLE TRUTH on Netflix is a new Thai horror movie. The core story is actually strong and has twists and turns. Unfortunately, with a runtime just over two hours, it is quite a bit too long. Read our full The Whole Truth movie review here!

THE WHOLE TRUTH is a new Netflix horror movie. This one is from Thailand and it does feature elements we’ve come to associate with Asian horror movies. Well, mostly the Japanese horror movies, but the style known from The Ring and The Grudge has been used worldwide since then.

This new Thai horror movie on Netflix has two main issues which I’ll get into later. Overall, they do result in this movie being a lot less entertaining than it could have been. A shame since the basic story is rather strong. Even if it does borrow from several other familiar horror movies.

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The two issues with this Thai horror movie on Netflix

For the record, let me just start by saying that there are definitely Thai horror movies with international quality. This one also has plenty of qualities that make it worth watching for any horror fan globally.

However, and here it comes, there are two rather big issues with The Whole Truth.

First, it is way too long for the story being told. It takes a while to get started and also takes too long to get to the big reveal. Or rather big reveals. Like many horror movies, this one also has several twists before it’s all over. And yes, also a few twists too many from what you’ve been shown throughout this long runtime.

Also, while this movie has touches that reminded me of M. Night Shyamalan‘s The Visit, it isn’t a copy of that story. Sorry if that’s a spoiler, but I thought it was worth mentioning. This one is nowhere near the scary levels of that movie, which I definitely did enjoy.

The Whole Truth (2021) – Review | Netflix Horror Movie

The second issue with The Whole Truth is the use of CGI. There are some truly cool VFX scenes, but the CGI elements that contain blood are just too much. They feel off and fake. And not in any campy slasher way, which is otherwise easily excused.

Instead, it makes the scary scenes seem a lot less scary.

Having said this, there are quite a few scary moments in this new Thai horror movie on Netflix. Mostly due to the fact that a young girl has clearly been suffering. We’re talking about a young child here, which is always heartbreaking and terrifying.

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The Whole Truth (2021) was directed by Wisit Sasanatieng and the screenplay was written by Abishek J. Bajaj. I am not familiar with either, but they have several previous projects on their IMDb resumes and more on the way.


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The core story of The Whole Truth is actually strong and has a few solid twists and turns. Unfortunately, it also has too many twists and turns and its runtime of just over two hours, is too long.

Still, if you like a good horror mystery that will keep you guessing (and keep coming up with more reveals), then do check it out.

The Whole Truth (2021) is out on Netflix from December 2, 2021.


Director: Wisit Sasanatieng
Writer: Abishek J. Bajaj
Stars: Sutatta Udomsilp, Nattapat Nimjirawat, Sompob Benjathikul, Sadanont Durongkaweroj, Steven Isarapong


When two siblings stumble on a strange hole in the wall of their grandparents’ house, horrifying incidents reveal sinister secrets about their family.

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