THE ROPE CURSE 3 on Netflix is a horror movie from Taiwan (org. title: Zong xie 3) and continues the story from its predecessor, The Rope Curse 2. You can watch it on its own as well. Read our The Rope Curse 3 movie review here!

THE ROPE CURSE 3 is a new Netflix addition in the horror genre. As the title reveals, it is a new movie in an exciting horror franchise. It’s a horror movie from Taiwan (org. title: Zong xie 3) and continues the story from its predecessor, The Rope Curse 2.

However, you can actually watch this movie on its own as well. You’ll miss out on some details, but the big picture is still there for you to enjoy. The story is rooted in Taiwanese folk culture but also deals with exorcism, which we certainly know from English-language horror movies as well.

Continue reading our The Rope Curse 3 movie review below. Find it on Netflix from December 18, 2023.

Seven bodies, seven lives

As with most horror movies, some lines are repeated again and again. In The Rope Curse 3, one of these lines is “Seven bodies, seven lives”. In other horror movies, it could be “The power of Christ compels you!” as this Taiwanese horror movie deals with exorcism. Just like The Exorcist movies!


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This movie from Taiwan is naturally an exorcism horror film that is deeply rooted in Taiwanese folk culture. As such, we learn about other demonic forces than in exorcism movies from the West.

In The Rope Curse 3, the story focuses on Guan Yu (Chang Ting-hu) He is a gifted young man from a family of exorcists. However, he dreams of being a parkour influencer. A star on YouTube, to be precise.

However, his life is about to change as he gets caught up in a series of spooky events at an eerie hotel. And yes, there are moments of very efficient horror during this time.

The Rope Curse 3 (2023) – Review | Netflix Taiwan Horror

Not all horror works

The 68-year-old Bor-Jeng Chen has starred in all three The Rope Curse movies. I love it when an actor is part of a franchise throughout. However, I have no connection to this actor, so it isn’t something that draws me in.

For me, the movie had strong moments of horror, but I just lose the connection when it goes too deep into folklore rituals.

For me, it just isn’t scary. Instead, it becomes almost funny and cartoon-like. This is not to say it isn’t exactly as valid or believable as any exorcism story from the West. It just simply doesn’t manage to conjure feelings of fear or terror in me.

Will there be a The Rope Curse 4?

As this third movie in the Taiwanese horror franchise ends, there is clearly an opening for The Rope Curse 4 to be made. Also, it’s now on Netflix which means a whole new (and much larger) audience can be reached.

Make sure you stick around for the end-credit scene.

There are some behind-the-scenes moments during the credits, and a final scene after the end credits are over. Make sure you catch everything if you’re into this franchise.

The Rope Curse 3 (2023) – Review | Netflix Taiwan Horror

Watch The Rope Curse 3 on Netflix now!

The director is Shih-Han Liao and the writers are Keng-Ming Chang and Tzu-Ming Ma. Director Shih-Han Liao also directed an episode of the HBO horror anthology series titled Folklore (season 2, episode 1) while writer Keng-Ming Chang co-wrote The Bridge Curse (2020).

As mentioned earlier, The Rope Curse 3 continues the story from its predecessor, The Rope Curse 2, but you can watch this on its own. The first movie, The Rope Curse came out in 2018, and the sequel, The Rope Curse 2, is from 2020.

With this third movie, it might be over, but I doubt it. If it’s a hit on Netflix anyway. The movie was a hit in Taiwan in movie theaters. It has ended up securing the #2 spot in the local box office rankings for 2023. That should tell you a lot about the popularity of this franchise!

The Rope Curse 3 is being released on Netflix globally on December 18, 2023.


Director: Shih-Han Liao
Writers: Keng-Ming Chang, Tzu-Ming Ma
Stars: Ting-Hu Zhang, Hsing-Wen Lee, Yi-Jung Wu, Bor-Jeng Chen, Hsu An-Chih, Hangee Liu, Lotus Wang


Aspiring to become a parkour influencer, a gifted young man from an exorcist family gets caught up in a swirl of spooky events at an eerie hotel.

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