THE NURSE on Netflix is a new Danish mini-series with four episodes. It’s based on the true story of a series of deaths at Nykøbing Falster Hospital. In other words, it’s a true crime. One that is direct and to the point. Read our The Nurse series review here!

THE NURSE is a new Netflix limited series from Denmark. The plot itself will probably sound eerily familiar, as the Netflix film The Good Nurse deals with a case that is quite similar to this one. However, the true story in The Good Nurse deals with something that took place in the United States.


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In this Netflix series, we follow Pernille Kurzmann Larsen (Fanny Louise Bernth), who starts as a new nurse at Nykøbing Falster Hospital in Denmark. Here she meets Christina Aistrup Hansen (Josephine Park). The latter is a regular superstar of a nurse in the emergency department. Perhaps this is why no one reacts to the many deaths happening.

Christina is constantly saving patients who go into cardiac arrest. However, Pernille quickly suspects that it might be Christina’s fault that they go into cardiac arrest in the first place. But why is no one else wondering? And can it even be proven?

Continue reading our The Nurse series review below. We watched the entire mini-series for this review. Find it on Netflix from April 27, 2023.

Josephine Park impresses again!

Josephine Park plays the role of the nurse Christina Aistrup Hansen. She does this – not surprisingly – perfectly. She is so very energetic and charming in her portrait that you understand why this nurse was so popular. At the same time, we also get a glimpse that something more is lurking beneath the surface.

However, what is “lurking” is potentially a mental disorder of some kind, which was also used during the trial. It’s not something that takes up much space in The Nurse Netflix series. Then again, it isn’t really necessary. It is mentioned, however, as it is precisely Christina Aistrup Hansen’s urge to be at the center of big moments that plays a decisive role.


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The other all-important nurse is Pernille Kurzmann Larsen, played by Fanny Louise Bernth. She is a new nurse and needs to get settled in the “small town”-vibe. It’s a place where everyone seems to know each other – and know everything about each other. It is also Pernille’s first job as a nurse after graduating, so she wants to do well.

Fanny Louise Bernth plays the role of Pernille Kurzmann Larsen sharply and nuanced. Nothing is completely black and white, but for Pernille, it’s clear that she struggles with the circumstances. Especially how no one is surprised by a series of strange deaths. Patients come in with all sorts of small problems and suddenly go into cardiac arrest.

The fact that no one is wondering or investigating is really what prompts her to take action herself.

In addition to Josephine Park (Baby Fever) and Fanny Louise Bernth (A Horrible Woman), there are of course a number of other fantastic Danish actors. But it is up to Josephine Park and Fanny Louise Bernth to carry the series. And they do!

The Nurse (2023) – Review | Netflix Series

Danish true crime

In March 2015, Danish police received a call from nurse Pernille Kurzmann Larsen at Nykøbing Falster Hospital. She accused her colleague, the nurse Christina Aistrup Hansen, of deliberately killing patients. During the most recent night shift, three died and a fourth was saved at the very last minute.

If you are familiar with the true story of the nurse Christina Aistrup Hansen, you will already know what happens in this series. I knew some things, but not very many details. Also, it should be noted that Christina Aistrup Hansen has always maintained her innocence.

That should be kept in mind. Just for the record.

In 2017, Christina Aistrup Hansen was convicted of four counts of attempted murder and received a sentence of 12 years in prison. However, this was the result of her appealing the original 2016 District Court conviction, where she was convicted of three counts of murder and one count of attempted murder and given a life sentence.

Watch The Nurse on Netflix!

The entire mini-series is directed by Kasper Barfoed, who has created four strong episodes. In fact, this miniseries is so successful because it does not have many episodes. Kasper Barfoed has previously directed episodes of the Netflix Thriller series The Chestnut Man.

The Nurse is based on the book of the same name written by Kristian Corfixen. The two main writers of the series are Kasper Barfoed and Dorthe Warnøe Høgh (who was also one of the creators behind The Chestnut Man). In addition, Jacob Katz Hansen, Thomas Porsager, and Marie Østerbye have also been involved in the adaptation.

While I was somewhat familiar with this case (perhaps even more so because my own mother is a nurse), I didn’t know much about the details. The production method of this mini-series is actually delightfully Danish in the sense that there is no unnecessary drama involved.

Instead, the focus is on the real events, and it suits the storytelling immensely. And it certainly doesn’t take anything away from the tension or the violence of the story.

The Nurse mini-series will be released on Netflix globally on April 27, 2023.


Director: Kasper Barfoed
Cast: Josephine Park, Fanny Louise Bernth, Dick Kaysø, Amalie Lindegård, Peter Zandersen


A new nurse at a hospital begins to suspect her colleague’s desire for attention may be tied to a series of patient deaths. Based on a true story.

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