THE ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS is a new family thriller that plays out like an adventure. Super simple and quite scary at times. Probably not something parents of young children can handle. Read our full The Island of the Lost Girls movie review here!

THE ISLAND OF LOST GIRLS is a new family thriller screening at Fantasia 2022. It plays out like an adventure, but not the carefree kind you’ll see in a Disney family film. Actually, maybe it could have been a few years ago, but for these years, it’s far too direct and scary for that.

Three young girls go on their own adventure to the beach and end up being caught in the fray on a surfboard. From there, they float to a small island inhabited by seals and their adventure only gets more exciting from there!

The only real issue I can point to is the fact that it feels too long. At least a good twenty minutes longer than it should be. Other than that, it’s a remarkably well-crafted and entertaining movie.

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A scary watch for parents

In fact, parents of kids under the age of 10 years should probably consider skipping this one. The three kids at the center of this story excel at making the most logical decisions.

For them, that is.

Everyone else will see them do one scary (and possibly fatal) thing after another. This alone makes it seem like a horror movie at times. In fact, I am absolutely certain that many people (parents and otherwise) will feel the need to look away.

I know I certainly did!

The Island of Lost Girls – Review | Family Thriller

Kids are fearless and it’s truly amazing. However, it’s also the reason why adults need to look out for them. If anything, The Island of Lost Girls is proof of that.


The movie Pihu starring a 2-year-old girl trapped home alone >

Then again, it’s also proof that kids can do and handle much more than they’re given credit for. To be fair though, luck also plays a big part in them being able to survive their little adventure.

The Island of Lost Girls screening at Fantasia 2022

This is a Schmidt Family film, directed by Ann-Marie Schmidt and Brian Schmidt. The three girls at the heart of the story are their daughters. And you’ll also be seeing the two directors in bit roles as well. Even their younger brother is in the film. He’s the boy at the beach early in the film.

The fact that these three young girls perform all their own stunts is simply awe-inspiring. The fearlessness and joy they show are what makes this movie work so extremely well. Obviously, they feel very comfortable around the camera… and in the ocean. The two things really required to make this story possible!

While this film did feel too long, it was still very much worth my time. Entertaining and dramatic in ways we rarely see. A thriller that feels like a horror movie in intensity despite “only” being a fantasy adventure!

The Island of Lost Girls is playing at film festivals and we caught it during Fantasia 2022.



Directors: Ann-Marie Schmidt, Brian Schmidt
Writers: Avila Schmidt, Ann-Marie Schmidt, Autumn Schmidt, Brian Schmidt
Cast: Autumn Schmidt, Avila Schmidt, Scarlet Schmidt


Three young sisters live in a house waiting to be adopted, and more importantly, not to be separated. With nothing left to lose, they decide to take a day off and escape to the beach. Following an incident, while trying to save their youngest sister caught in the ebb and flow of the waves, they find themselves caught on a surfboard drifting away from the coast. The three youngsters find themselves trapped in a sea cave filled with crashing waves, hundreds of sea lions and monstrous elephant seals. The girls desperately try to stay together while battling the rising tide, trying learn to feed themselves, bonding together, and ultimately survive this grand adventure.

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