PIHU is on Netflix now and you really should not miss this social thriller. We follow a 2-year-old left to her own devices in a city apartment. A lot of things can go wrong and much does. You’ll be holding your breath trying to look for the next death trap. Read more in our Pihu review here!

Pihu is a new movie on Netflix and you don’t want to miss this social thriller. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve ever watched in terms of realism. Also, it’s based on a true story and really, it could so easily happen.

If you have a baby or a toddler, you might not be able to stomach this Netflix movie.

Then again, it might make you take precautions and consider a few things you wouldn’t otherwise have. And it is really well made.

Read more in our Pihu review below!

What would a 2-year-old do?

We follow the 2-year-old girl Pihu who is left to her own devices in a city apartment. Her father is away on business and her mom is lying in bed. Pihu can’t wake her up because her mom will never wake up again. How and why she passed away will be revealed in the movie, so we won’t get into that here.

Being just two years old, she starts exploring the apartment while continuing to come back and attempt waking up her mom again. And, of course, a lot of things can go wrong when a 2-year-old is left unsupervised. And much does.

Young Pihu tries to do things that she’s seen others do and climbs around on furniture. There will be water, fire, and other dangerous elements along the way. Basically, you will be holding your breath while trying to find all the dangers.

In many ways, this is a much more realistic take on the concept of Final Destination (which was also used in Wish Upon). Death traps are clearly everywhere!

Pihu (2018) Review – Social Thriller on Netflix

The brilliant young Pihu

The star of Pihu is the young Pihu Myra Vishwakarma, who goes by the name “Myra”. The director has stated that young Mira is basically creating this movie since they can’t very well ask such a young child to do specific things over and over again.

Also, the parents of Pihu are played by Myra’s real-life parents. However, as you will see, we only see the mother lying in bed and hear her father’s voice on the phone. Throughout the movie, we only follow Pihu as she tries to move around in the apartment. And 2-year-olds quickly get distracted and have some strange ideas of what would be interesting to do.

Pihu Myra Vishwakarma is absolutely perfect as Pihu and she is the reason this movie works so well. Okay, along with a filmmaker who managed to create the right circumstances. Apparently, they filmed for two hours every day and used three cameras placed on the set to capture everything.

The result is a movie that is equally adorable and absolutely terrifying!

Watch Pihu on Netflix now!

The director of Pihu is Kapri Vinod who has only done one feature film prior to this. Hopefully, that will change soon because the thrills and drama of this movie can take the breath away from most hardcore horror watchers.

The realism is so intense and perfect that it’s almost too much to bear.

This might not be the kind of movie you would choose on Netflix, but I urge you to reconsider. No, it’s not in English, but it doesn’t have that much dialogue and quite a lot of it is actually in English. 

Bottom line: Watch Pihu on Netflix because it’s a brilliant and terrifying 90-minute movie that will leave you both breathless and scared for every 2-year-old child in the world. Yeah, I know, that doesn’t sound like fun, but sometimes we need to consider what could happen. Because sometimes, it does!

Pihu is out on Netflix from June 14, 2019, in various countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. 


Director: Vinod Kapri
Cast: Pihu Myra Vishwakarma, Dau Dayal Bansal, Sanaya Irani, Sumeet Kant Kaul, Ravi Khanna


A two-year-old must fend for herself when her mother suddenly passes away while her father is gone for a conference, leaving her prone to danger.

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