THE FREE FALL (2021) is a horror mystery with a runtime of just 82 minutes. Ultimately, it’s a gorgeous twist on a familiar premise. Solid acting and that familiar sense of being tricked works really well. Read our full The Free Fall movie review here!

THE FREE FALL (2021) is a new horror movie with a mystery to keep you guessing. For the main character, it’s also one hell of a mindf*ck. Something I am always a fan of when done right. With this one, it is done very elegantly.

Also, I am a big fan of the twist on a familiar premise in this horror movie. Another thing I prefer is a tight runtime when it fits the story. Hey, I love a good slow-burn story as much as anyone. But a horror mystery with a runtime of just 82 minutes definitely packs a punch as well.

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A new take on a horror subgenre!

As already mentioned, I’m definitely a fan of the subgenre The Free Fall ultimately turns out to be in. Or more specifically, I’m a huge fan of the twist on the subgenre. All through the way this story is told. It’s always good to see things from more than one side.

And no, I can’t say what the subgenre is, since it would be a huge spoiler. And we don’t do spoilers here at Heaven of Horror. However, I suspect many horror fans will probably catch on ahead of the big reveal.

And no, it doesn’t even hurt the story that you can guess this twist. That just means you know the destination, but can still enjoy the ride.

The Free Fall (2021) – Review | Horror Mystery

The stars of this small cast

For most of The Free Fall, we see two actors. Andrea Londo (Narcos) is the absolute star of this movie since it’s her character’s story being told. Right alongside her is Shawn Ashmore (Devil’s Gate) as her loving, doting (and also controlling and dominating) husband.


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Jane Badler (V) also turns up very early on in a supporting capacity and definitely makes an impression perfect for this horror movie. Another few more additions include Madeleine Coghlan (Holidays), Elizabeth Cappuccino (Super Dark Times), and Michael Berry Jr.

Also in the film is Marc Senter, who I still think of as Ray Pye. A character he played in the 2006 movie The Lost (based on the Jack Ketchum novel) which has never left me. He plays a very small part in The Free Fall which just might be my biggest regret for this film. Then again, he managed to make an impression.

Well, on me, anyway, since I immediately think of Ray Pye, so maybe that doesn’t really count for much. In any case, it does leave room for me to recommend that you check out The Lost (2006).

Check out The Free Fall now in theaters or On-Demand

From the moment I saw that Adam Stilwell was the director of The Free Fall, my expectations became very high. He co-directed the horror mystery The Triangle which I was very impressed by. That one came out in 2016 and I’ve been waiting to see more from Adam Stilwell (and the other directors) ever since.


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For The Free Fall, the screenplay was written by Kent Harper. He previously co-wrote the 2008 crime-mystery Surveillance with the director of the film, Jennifer Lynch. Also, Kent Harper has a lot of upcoming projects listed on his IMDb page.

If you enjoy a good horror mystery that feels both familiar and fresh, then be sure to check out The Free Fall. Also, this horror movie manages to create that creepy vibe and a few well-timed scares, so there are plenty of reasons to give it a shot.

THE FREE FALL (2021) is out in limited theaters and On Demand from January 14, 2022.


Director: Adam Stilwell
Writer: Kent Harper
Stars: Andrea Londo, Shawn Ashmore, Jane Badler, Michael Berry Jr., Elizabeth Cappuccino, Dominic Hoffman, Lorenzo Antonucci, Marc Senter, Madeleine Coghlan


A young woman must wrestle with an overbearing husband after she tries to take her own life.

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