The Doll 2 is the second movie in the doll horror franchise from Indonesia. The director is still Indonesian horror director, Rocky Soraya, but this time there’s a new doll. Now on Netflix!

The Doll 2 is an Indonesian horror movie which is both the sequel to The Doll and the prequel to Sabrina. And yes, all three horror movies are on Netflix in the US – along with many other countries – now.

A quick sidestep: If you’re a fan of Asian horror, we also highly recommend the HBO Asia produced horror anthology Folklore. The episode from Indonesia is one of the best in the season! Here’s our Season 1 review of Folklore >

For The Doll 2, it’s a completely different doll than what we became familiar with in The Doll. In that sense, the story does not continue along the lines of Annabelle which The Doll was a little too inspired by. 

For the record, if you haven’t watched The Doll first, then you really should. After all, The Doll 2 is a direct sequel and there will be things you miss out on if you don’t know the back story. Especially during the opening sequence.

The new doll in The Doll 2

This time around, the doll isn’t nearly as “pretty” as it was the first time around. Instead, it has more of a clown-ghost look. Well, to me, anyway! Also, it’s named “Sabrina” which is the same as the doll in the movie following this one in the doll horror franchise by Rocky Soraya.

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The Sabrina doll in The Doll 2 doesn’t look quite as sinister and demented as the one in Sabrina. There is an obvious resemblance though. It’s just that the hair is straight in this one and the eyes and eyebrows seem friendlier.

Unlike the first movie in this doll universe, this story doesn’t focus too much on the actual doll. In fact, most of the plot revolves around the family in this story. And yes, the “plot twist” is one you could probably guess before it happens.

For one, it has been done so many times before. Why it also has to be the case here is beyond me. Especially since the story of the family and the plot twist was so much better in the first movie.

The Doll 2 (2017) Netflix review

The bigger budget does show

The template for The Doll and The Dolls 2 (and yes, also Sabrina) does feel like it’s the exact same. However, the first time around it felt fresher and better executed.

I will give this sequel credit for having a stronger cast and much better sound and visuals. The use of CGI is very limited (as it was in the first movie), which is very good. The practical effects work very well and don’t distract from the story.

While the first movie is this franchise was obviously made with a lower budget, its story was considerably better. And the runtime was also better suited. The Doll 2 does go on for way too long. 

And really, the story isn’t that interesting.

With dialogue along the lines of “Do you have a room downstairs?” followed by a gasp and the words “The basement!”, should give you an idea of the forced drama and suspense.

Indonesian horror directors

Indonesian horror movies are getting a continuously wider release. And horror director Rocky Soraya is one of the most well-known horror directors from Indonesia along with Joko Anwar.

To me, Joko Anwar is definitely the stronger director of the two. Be sure to check out the brilliant Satan’s Slaves when you get the chance. We gave it a top rating!

Rocky Soraya directed The DollThe Doll 2 and most recently Sabrina. But that’s just his horror doll franchise. He’s done plenty of other horror movies as well. Also, he is pretty damn good at creating these franchises.

We’ll be getting a Mata Batin 2 from him sometime this year. Mata Batin has the English title The 3rd Eye which might be more familiar to you. For now, though, you have three doll horror movies from Rocky Soraya to watch on Netflix.

The Doll 2 is out on Netflix in the US and many other countries from January 15, 2019.


Director: Rocky Soraya
Writers: Riheam Junianti, Fajar Umbara (screenplay), Rocky Soraya (story)
Stars: Herjunot Ali, Luna Maya, Sara Wijayanto


A mother uses her deceased daughter’s doll as a medium to communicate with her, but the consequences are chilling. The second of the Doll films.

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