KAALI KHUHI is a new Netflix horror-mystery from India. It has an interesting plot in many ways but is too slow overall. However, we’re dealing with superstition, hauntings, and revenge which are all interesting plot drivers. Read our full Kaali Khuhi movie review here!

KAALI KHUHI is a new Netflix movie from India. The genres are horror, mystery, and drama, which should tell you that it will have some slower moments. With a runtime of just 90 minutes, the plot moves forward too slowly and with too many repeats.

It feels like we’re going around in circles when the story could have evolved in different ways instead.

Continue reading our Kaali Khuhi movie review below and find it on Netflix.

Horror movies from India on Netflix

By now, there are quite a lot of Indian horror movies on Netflix. Including several that are really good. Sometimes they are too long or have too much drama in ways that aren’t compatible with the norm of Hollywood blockbusters. This is usually no big problem for me. Unless the plot simply isn’t meant for a feature film.

With Kaali Khuhi, I felt like the plot was more suitable for a short film which resulted in this feature film dragging its feet to get to its points. It’s a shame because when the movie is good, it’s very good. This happens mostly during reveals which have been too long coming.

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The storyline in Kaali Khuhi is interesting enough since we’re dealing with old superstitions that turn into hauntings which then result in revenge. All of which are wonderful plot-drivers. It just doesn’t come together as well as we’ve seen in other horror movies from India with these same topics.

A movie such as Tumbbad worked with these elements and was absolutely brilliant, so it can certainly be done.

Kaali Khuhi – Netflix Horror Review

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Terrie Samundra is the writer and director of Kaali Khuhi which is her feature film debut. I can clearly feel the passion she has for this story and I recognize that the story is important. I just wish I had enjoyed the actual movie more.

Also on board as a screenwriter is David Walter Lech who wrote and directed a short film with Terrie Samundra back in 2005. I can clearly understand the vision the two probably had for this Netflix movie, but I can’t say they succeeded. Not in catching and holding my attention in any case. Hopefully, others will feel different because the story is very relevant.

Check out Kaali Khuhi on Netflix if you’re interested in watching a movie that incorporates Indian folklore and the terrible consequences of ancient superstition.

Kaali Khuhi is out on Netflix from October 30, 2020.


Director: Terrie Samundra
Stars: Hetvi Bhanushali, Leela Samson, Riva Arora, Rose Rathod, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Satyadeep Misra, Shabana Azmi


When a restless spirit curses a Punjab village that has a history of female infanticide, the town’s fate lies in the hands of a 10-year-old girl.

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