Only Mine is a new thriller on Netflix. The story is presented true crime-style with someone interviewing the people who know the victim of the crime. It’s not without a few issues, but definitely worth watching!

Only Mine is a new thriller on Netflix with a story about an obsessive boyfriend, Of course, the relationship doesn’t start out that way but it does feel pretty off from the beginning.

For one thing, the age difference is very obvious. The girl, Julie, is getting ready to apply to college and she gets involved with a police officer. He gives her a music box on the first date. Sure, some people might find that cute but he doesn’t even know her yet.

Also, this is the same present a dad bought his young daughter in He’s Out There which is also on Netflix now. 

My favorite part of Only Mine (which is based on a true story) is the Native American elements of the story. Really well done as an organic and integrated part of the storytelling.

The cast of Only Mine

Amber Midthunder stars as Julie Dillon. You may have seen Amber Midthunder in the horror movie 14 Cameras which was the sequel to 13 Cameras. Both are low budget horror movies done right – and with an absolutely brilliant villain. Amber Midthunder was also in the critically acclaimed Hell or High Water and the FX series Legion

In other words, you’ve had plenty of opportunities to see her in something already.

Brett Zimmerman plays the role of her police officer boyfriend, David Barragan. He’s done a lot of TV episodes in the past including work on How to Get Away with Murder. In Only Mine, he’s pretty damn creepy which means he’s doing a good job.  

Supporting roles

Chris Browning is probably the most well-known in the cast. He’s been on hit TV shows like Westworld and Sons of Anarchy. If you caught the Netflix bomb Bright, you’ve also seen him in that one.

Chris Browning tends to always deliver and Only Mine is no exception.

Also, we have Ashley Holliday Tavares as Julie’s best friend Suzanne. Ashley Holliday Tavares (Ravenswood) does an excellent job. Her character is a breath of fresh air as the person who sees David’s BS from the beginning.

Finally, I should mention Lorenzo James Henrie who I only knew from Fear the Walking Dead before watching him in this movie. In Fear the Walking Dead, he played the role of Chris. Honestly, he was a character I kept hoping the walkers would catch. In fact, this is something I was very vocal about in the recaps we did earlier.

In Only Mine, Lorenzo James Henrie gives a very good performance as Julie’s colleague and friend.

Only Mine (2018) Netflix Review

The story does feel realistic

While the story is presented in a true crime style, this isn’t the only reason it feels realistic. The story itself does feel like one you’ve seen in movies before and read about in the news.

Just like Deadly Switch, which is also out on Netflix now, this was produced by MarVista. This is the production company that works primarily with movies for Disney, Lifetime, and Hallmark. 

The production may feel a bit like a Lifetime movie, but the depths of the horror Julie goes through is much darker.

Only Mine is out on Netflix now!

The director of Only Mine is Michael Civille, but you probably haven’t heard of him. He directed the TV movie The Rachels in 2017 but this is his first credited feature film as a director.

Only Mine was written by Matt Young who only has three credits on IMDb so far, but all of them are for writing. First, he wrote the TV movie The Cheerleader Murders before going on to write on an episode of Blindspot. Finally, he’s written the script for this movie.

In a sense, Only Mine does feel like light version of a horror movie even though the story is very scary. I personally think it’s an important story and it’s a very easy (though uncomfortable) watch. 

Only Mine was released on Netflix in the US and several other countries on January 15, 2019.


Director: Michael Civille
Writer: Matt Young
Stars: Amber Midthunder, Brett Zimmerman, Chris Browning, Claudia Ferri, Walter Fauntleroy


Julie (Amber Midthunder) dreams of heading to college and moving on to better things than her waitressing job in a small town. When a new police officer, David (Brett Zimmerman), joins the local force, Julie is smitten by his charm. At first he seems like a fun distraction while she bides her time until college. However, David takes the relationship much more seriously. His behavior becomes increasingly erratic and Julie goes to the police for help but to no avail. As David goes from doting boyfriend to controlling ex to dangerous stalker, Julie finds herself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

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