First trailer for MIDSOMMAR is here! This is Ari “Hereditary” Aster’s next horror movie due out in theaters this August. Read all about the upcoming horror movie and watch the MIDSOMMAR trailer here!

Finally, the first trailer for the Midsommar is here! The upcoming horror movie is directed by Ari Aster, who horror fans know from last years horror hit Hereditary.

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Midsommar stars Jack Reynor, Florence Pugh, Will Poulter, Vilhem Blomgren, William Jackson Harper, Ellora Torchia, and Archie Madekwe.

This cast has both well-known faces and a few newer ones. All of them are probably actors you’ll get more familiar with in the coming years. 

You may know Florence Pugh from the Netflix horror movie Malevolent. She’s quickly becoming a new favorite of ours so we expect nothing less than excellence from her!

Will Poulter was THIS close to becoming the new Pennywise in It Part 1. Poulter was ultimately replaced by Bill Skarsgård after director Cary Fukunaga quit the movie. Still, he does have that mischevious look that works perfectly within a horror narrative.

More on the next Ari Aster horror movie

Once again, Ari Aster is both the director and writer of his movie. Here’s some more on the plot:

Florence Pugh and Jack Reynor play a couple that travels to Sweden. They go there to visit the rural hometown of a friend for its fabled mid-summer festival. This is called “midsommar” in Swedish.

What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.

Midsommar is scheduled to be released on August 9, 2019.
The horror movie is distributed by A24 who was also behind Ari Aster’s previous movie Hereditary.

Watch both the teaser trailer and the full trailer for Midsommar below.

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