THANKSGIVING is an Eli Roth horror movie about the American holiday surpassed only by Christmas. It’s high time that we get a slasher horror movie for this holiday as well. Read our full Thanksgiving movie review here!

THANKSGIVING is out On Digital, so if you never caught it in theaters, you can watch it in the comfort of your home. It’s an Eli Roth horror movie about the American holiday. To be fair though, it’s just as much about Black Friday.

More so, actually, which includes a definite message to us all. The scenes from a Black Friday tragedy – the event that sets everything in motion for the slasher story that plays out the following year – are brutal. It’s not even that foreign or unrealistic. Some people go crazy for free stuff!

Continue reading our Thanksgiving movie review below. Find it On Digital from December 19, 2023.

Welcome to Plymouth and murder

While Thanksgiving is an iconic American holiday, it is also one that is quite infamous. Both in the US and the rest of the world. The birthplace of this infamous holiday was Plymouth Rock, where the first official “Thanksgiving Dinner” took place.

The exact circumstances are very much debated, but the holiday is still celebrated as a time to get together and be thankful for what you have. Well, that and to get some amazing deals during the Black Friday sale.

These two very contradictory elements – being thankful for what you have while being ready to maim a stranger to get more at a good price – are perfect for a slasher revenge story.

As I watched this movie, I couldn’t help but feel that this was basically Scream set during Thanksgiving and in Plymouth. And I loved it! Obviously, that is one hell of a strong setting for a holiday slasher.

Also, in classic Eli Roth style, the murders are outstanding in terms of creativity and gore. Plus the cast is full of young talent and familiar seasoned actors. I loved the entire cast and only wish we could’ve seen even more of many actors.

Thanksgiving (2023) – Review | Eli Roth Horror Movie

Finally, a Thanksgiving horror movie

I won’t claim that this is the first Thanksgiving horror movie, but it certainly is the one with the biggest budget and marketing effort. Also, it’s a classic slasher! Think Scream but with a killer that wears a Pilgrim mask instead of a Ghostface mask.

A few years back, a Black Friday horror-comedy came out. It has a great cast and a story with zombies, but it also took place inside (and around) a store during Black Friday.


The horror-comedy Black Friday which had Bruce Campbell and zombies >

The killings in Thanksgiving begin because of what happened on Black Friday. However, and this is another important point, it’s still on the day of the holiday because the sale begins on Thursday evening. While many stores still have crazy sales on the actual day, most spread it out longer.

Will there be a Thanksgiving 2?

Yes, Thanksgiving 2 has already been greenlit and we have a release date for it. After the success – both financial and critical – of this 2023 movie, it only makes sense to make another.

Plus, just like with Scream, there is always more story to tell. Hell, even for this first movie, some questions were never fully answered. We do get all the key reveals, so it’s not that we’re left hanging.

However, I do still expect (or hope) that Thanksgiving 2 will provide even more answers. The Thanksgiving sequel will be coming out in 2025, so we have to wait almost two years. I imagine it will be worth the wait as the same filmmakers [writer and director] are behind that one as well!

Watch Thanksgiving on digital now – later on Netflix!

Eli Roth is the director of Thanksgiving which is based on a story he created with Jeff Rendell. The actual screenplay was written by Jeff Rendell, who also wrote the fake “Thanksgiving” trailer segment for Grindhouse (2007).

This was where the idea for this feature film began, so it’s been a long time coming. Of course, Eli Roth has been busy with various projects ever since, so I’m just happy it’s finally here. And even happier that the sequel will be coming out in 2025.

We have lots of Christmas horror movies, but with this one, we finally have a Thanksgiving horror movie to watch year after year. If you’re looking for new Christmas movies or recommendations for some alternative titles, then check out our list of Christmas horror movies here!

Whether you watched Thanksgiving in theaters or not, you should check it out On Digital. Either to experience it for the first time or to discover new details you didn’t catch the first time around. After all, you notice more clues when you know what to look for because you know how it ends.

Thanksgiving is out On Digital from December 19, 2023. It will also be available on Netflix in the US from February 17, 2024.


In Theaters: November 17, 2023
On Digital: December 19, 2023
Director: Eli Roth
Writers: Jeff Rendell, Eli Roth
Cast: Addison Rae, Patrick Dempsey, Rick Hoffman, Gina Gershon, Milo Manheim, Tim Dillon


A serial killer comes to a small town in Massachusetts with the intention of creating a Thanksgiving carving board out of the town’s inhabitants.

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