STAY OUT OF THE ATTIC is a new Shudder horror movie with a plot that includes an old Nazi doing experiments in his attic and basement. Surprisingly good and it works extremely well with the limitations of a low budget. Read our full Stay Out of the Attic movie review here!

STAY OUT OF THE ATTIC is a new Shudder horror movie with a runtime of around 80 minutes and a story that works very well within this time frame. It’s actually low-budget but you wouldn’t really think that since it has impressive effects and a very high production quality.

I wasn’t always impressed with the acting, but it certainly didn’t ruin the experience for me either.

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Nazi experiments in a creepy old house!

With a plot that includes an old Nazi doing experiments in his attic and basement, Stay Out of the Attic deals with a somewhat familiar trope; Nazis invading normal neighborhoods and “hiding” in plain sight. Well, okay, maybe this doesn’t feel quite as much as fiction anymore. Still, for the purpose of the story in this movie, it works really well.

Essentially, we meet an old man, who is not what he seems. Or actually, he seems creepy from the get-go and he is. But he is also a Nazi who is doing experiments on people in his attic and basement. He even has old records from Josef Mengele, so we’re deep into the history of World War II with this storyline.

The old man, Vern, is portrayed by Michael Flynn (The Outpost series) who does an excellent job! The other three main characters are portrayed by Ryan Francis (Hook), Morgan Alexandria (How to Get Away with Murder), and Bryce Fernelius (Nine Days). None of them are ever bad in their performances but some moments – and scenes – come across much better than others.

Stay Out of the Attic (2020) Review

Don’t miss the end credit scenes!

Make sure you don’t turn of Stay out of the Attic before the end credits. This movie has both a mid “end credits scene” and an additional scene at the very end. Both make the movie even better in my opinion, so make sure you stick around until the very end. 

Hell, I’ll even go so far as to say that this movie could easily have sequels. And I’d want to watch them if the story and quality could keep up with the level set by this first one.

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Jerren Lauder is the director and co-writer of Stay Out of the Attic (which was originally titled Stay Out of the F**king Attic) and this is his first feature film. Fortunately, I have no problem saying that I think he did an awesome job. Especially in terms of doing what worked within the budget.

Julie Auerbach is one of the writers on this and she also co-wrote Josie Jane: Kill the Babysitter which premiered at Fright Fest UK in October 2020. It should be out in the US in 2021. Finally, the other people credited with writing this movie on IMDb are Jesse Federman and Jason Scott Goldberg.

I have to also mention that the special effects overall work impressively well. Kudos to the make-up and special effects team for doing a great job! So, if you want to watch a movie that has a simple, but strong enough, story and makes great use of its budget, then this movie is definitely worth checking out. This is solid entertainment!

Stay Out of the Attic premieres on March 11, 2021, on Shudder in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.


Director: Jerren Lauder
Writers: Jerren Lauder, Julie Auerbach, Jesse Federman, Jason Scott Goldberg
Stars: Ryan Francis, Morgan Alexandria, Bryce Fernelius, Michael Flynn, Avery Pizzuto


A diverse group of ex-cons-turned-movers are convinced by their creepy client, Vern Muller, to pull an all-nighter for a generous pay bump. As the night progresses and rooms are cleared, they slowly uncover the horrors that exist inside his old Victorian mansion, including boobytraps, human experimentation, Nazi monsters and more. Will they survive the night? 

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