SICK on Peacock is a new horror movie set in the early days of the pandemic. This is a short and efficient story that plays out in less than 80 minutes. A perfect little treat for a Friday the 13th release. Read our full Sick movie review here and find it streaming on Peacock now!

SICK is a Peacock original movie in the horror and thriller genres. Set in the very early days of the pandemic, the story quickly evolves into a classic slasher film. A small cast and a simple – but efficient – story makes for a solid little horror treat.

While this release feels a bit late due to the beginning of the pandemic being far away now, a release on the first Friday the 13th of 2023 is almost as good. And maybe it’s a good thing that we’ve gotten some space to those early days when everything felt even scarier than now.

Continue reading our Sick horror movie review below. The movie premieres on Peacock on January 13, 2023.

Short and sweet – or bloody, is more like it!

Sick begins – in classic horror style – with one person being stalked like prey. Once the predator gets in physical contact with this guy, things get pretty crazy fast. I was very pleased to see people fight back. Not just that they’re fighting back but that it feels realistic.

This is the case all the way through Sick. When someone is punched or thrown into furniture, they don’t just bounce back unscathed. Oh no, in this horror movie, everyone gets cuts and bruises. And, of course, many people will die.

That opening story with one guy is very reminiscent of many other horror movies but in particular Scream.

I still haven’t gotten over how that first Scream movie opened with Drew Barrymore (even had her face on posters) and then her character came to such a brutal demise. And no, I won’t warn or apologize about “spoilers” for a movie that came out more than 25 years ago. If you enjoy horror movies and still haven’t gotten around to watching the 1996 Scream original, that’s on you!

Sick – Review | Pandemic Horror on Peacock

A small and strong cast

After that fierce and bloody opening scene, we get to the actual story of Sick. Two best friends are packing up the car to leave college and go into quarantine together. One of them has a “family cottage” in a gorgeous and secluded area. The other comments on how important it is for her to quarantine by stating that her dad wouldn’t survive getting sick.

Basically, we have one girl who’s very careful (Miri played by Bethlehem Million) because she has a family to protect. The other (Parker played by The Craft: Legacy‘s Gideon Adlon) is more laidback. However, it’s made very clear that she absolutely wants to support her friend and make her feel safe.

They get to the cabin and it’s amazing. One unexpected guest (DJ played by Dylan Sprayberry) does arrive, but that’s something they can deal with. Then another one arrives, but that’s the kind that never announces themselves.

Unfortunately, this is the guy dressed in black, which we also saw in the opening story. Basically, you know it’s very bad news for the people trying to spend a few weeks in secluded quarantine. The two main characters are portrayed wonderfully and very realistically by Bethlehem Million and Gideon Adlon. Again, I love the fact that all the fighting is messy and more realistic.

In other key roles, you can look forward to seeing Joel Courtney (Super 8, The Empty Man), Marc Menchaca (Every Time I Die), and Jane Adams (She Dies Tomorrow).

Watch Sick on Peacock now!

The director of Sick is John Hyams, who is no stranger to horror productions. He also directed the 2020 horror thriller Alone and has directed episodes of horror series such as Black Summer and Chucky.

The screenplay comes from a very familiar name in the Teen (or Young Adult) Horror Slasher subgenre. Kevin Williamson wrote the screenplay with Katelyn Crabb. Kevin Williamson created the Scream franchise and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Also, he’s the creator of genre series such as The Vampire Diaries (2009-2017) and The Following (2013-2015).

This is the first writing credit for Katelyn Crabb who worked as the assistant of Kevin Williamson on Scream (2022).

Originally, Sick premiered at Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2022. That’s why it’s listed as a movie from 2022. However, its wide release is happening on the first Friday the 13th of 2023 when it’s released on the Peacock streaming service. And yes, it’s an excellent choice for a horror film marathon on this very night.

Sick is streaming on Peacock from January 13, 2023.


Director: John Hyams
Writers: Kevin Williamson, Katelyn Crabb
Stars: Gideon Adlon, Bethlehem Million, Dylan Sprayberry, Marc Menchaca, Jane Adams


Due to the pandemic, Parker and her best friend decide to quarantine at the family lake house alone – or so they think.

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