SHAKY SHIVERS is a new horror-comedy that manages to have fun with the hybrid genre in a very campy and kitsch way. The story features few characters that we get to know, while the effects are practical in a deliciously old-school way. Read our full Shaky Shivers movie review here!

SHAKY SHIVERS is a horror-comedy with a poster that could indicate old-school tribute or be the best thing about the movie. Fortunately, it’s the former, because this horror-comedy is definitely a tribute to the hybrid genre. Never takes itself too seriously, but it manages to take enough time to really care about its characters.

Also, the runtime is just 1 hour and 22 minutes, so it’s very much in the vein of 1980s horror films. Personally, I really loved the running joke where one character constantly comes up with new business ideas. Sure, all of them sounded weird back in the ’80s but today we recognize them as million (if not billion) dollar ideas.

Continue reading our Shaky Shivers movie review below. The movie can be found in theaters from September 21, 2023.

A perfectly simple setup

As with any good horror-comedy, there’s no need to overcomplicate anything. That’s why it’s a perfectly simple setup to have two young women at an abandoned camp in the woods. After all, summer camps were never quite the same after the release of Friday the 13th right as the 1980s began.

Even the Netflix horror movie trilogy Fear Street used the summer camp setting for its 1978 story

With Shaky Shivers, we meet Lucy who has been bitten by a strange animal of sorts. Of course, this results in Lucy becoming absolutely convinced that she’ll turn into a werewolf at the next full moon. I mean, who among us would not make this conclusion?!

I think it’s a very fair and relatable expectation based on her bite.

In order to try and save everyone else, she heads out to an abandoned camp with her best friend, Karen. Now, Karen really does not believe in the whole werewolf idea. However, as any good friend, she believes that Lucy believes this, so she goes along with it.

The idea that she may need to shoot Lucy with a silver bullet (that no one remembered to bring) isn’t ideal, but the two girls make do.

Shaky Shivers – Review | Horror-Comedy

This is when things get crazy

The whole “Am I a werewolf or not?”-starting point is a strong one, but it’s about to get a lot crazier. The two friends end up – very unwillingly, I might add – being on a very campy adventure. One that is full of magic and mayhem. Especially due to a book full of spells that come in handy.

Before long, Lucy and Karen find themselves in all kinds of trouble. They’ll be battling various monsters that any horror fan will definitely be familiar with. All of it is done in a way that takes straight out of an 80s horror movie. Including the use of practical effects which has a charm I always enjoy.

The movie stars Brooke Markham (Friend Request, In The Dark) as Lucy and VyVy Nguyen (Dawning) as Karen. The two friends are very different kinds of people, but they have love and respect for one another, which these two actors perfectly encompass.

Also playing key characters in the small cast are Jimmy Bellinger (Blockers, Homecoming), Herschel Sparber (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Skyler Day (iZombie), and Erin Daniels (The L Word, House of 1000 Corpses).

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This new horror-comedy comes from director Sung Kang, who is someone most will know as an actor. He plays one of the key characters in the Fast & Furious franchise and has been in all kinds of genre productions. Including the Obi-Wan Kenobi series and the 2019 sci-fi crime action movie Code 8.

The screenplay behind all the craziness (which I say with much love) was written by Andrew McAllister and Aaron Strongoni. Previously, Andrew McAllister hasn’t written as much as he has been a producer and editor. Working on the Disney+ productions Obi-Wan Kenobi and Sketchbook as well as the Netflix true crime documentary The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez.

Aaron Strongoni, however, has actually worked on horror for almost two decades. He co-wrote the two Return of the Living Dead movies “Rave to the Grave” and “Necropolis”. His first credit is for the story to Madhouse (2004) and he co-wrote the horror-comedy Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust (2008). The title alone tells you this is weird, wild, and fun!

The same can be said for Shaky Shivers which wins so much with the two stars of the film and the tight and short runtime. If for a second, you fear it’s about to drag out, you can be sure that it’ll take a crazy turn. I absolutely loved both the nostalgia and the campiness with this one. Check it out as soon as you can and just enjoy it!

Shaky Shivers premieres in theaters nationwide on September 21, 2023. It will be released on SCREAMBOX on October 17, 2023.


Director: Sung Kang
Writers: Andrew McAllister, Aaron Strongoni 
Cast: Brooke Markham, VyVy Nguyen, Jimmy Bellinger, Herschel Sparber, Skyler Day, Erin Daniels 


After finding herself bitten by a mysterious animal, Lucy becomes convinced that she will transform into a fearsome werewolf. Joined by her best friend Karen, the two embark on a wild adventure filled with magic and mayhem, as they look to do battle with a throat-slashing creature ripped right out of an 80s horror movie.

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