SERVANT Season 2 is beginning on Apple TV Plus and if you’ve watched season 1, you’re probably more than ready. And yes, the new season does begin with a quick recap – as do several episodes after since the entire season isn’t released at once. Read our Season 2 Review of Servant here!

SERVANT Season 2 is finally coming to Apple TV+. However, just as with season 1, we will not be getting all ten episodes in one go. It’s probably a good thing since it is a very binge-worthy series.

In fact, I would like to binge-watch it which is why I’m very happy to have access to screeners. Alas, even we don’t get all the episodes of season 2. In any case, we will not be doing spoilers in this review for any of the episodes we have watched.

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Season 2 continues where season 1 left off

If you’ve watched season 1 of the M. Night Shyamalan series, then you’re probably very ready to find out how it continues. And yes, it does continue right where season 1 ended. As in right where the final episode ended. Also, don’t worry, the new season does begin with a quick recap – as does several episodes since the entire season (as mentioned earlier) isn’t released at once.

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Season 1 of Servant did end on quite a cliffhanger and the high tension and pace of that ending do continue into season 2. Obviously, it doesn’t stay at this tension-level (that would be too exhausting), but a lot is on the line at all times.

Also, within the first three episodes, the plot does thicken in some brilliant ways. More characters become involved in ways they (or we) could never have expected or anticipated. No spoilers, but do get ready for some curveballs along the way.

Season 3 of Servant is coming!

For the record, yes, there will be a Servant season 3. This third season was already greenlit before season 2 has even premiered. In other words, get ready for even more of this madness to come your way. You know you’ll want it when the final episode of this second season has been released.

Servant: Season 2 – Apple Review

Wonderful character arcs

Already throughout season 1, we saw some amazing character arcs. However, mostly we saw the beginning of these arcs and now we’re getting to see the full picture. Exactly what did happen with baby Jericho and what was the immediate aftermath. All of these questions will be answered.

While Season 1 was about little Jericho and Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose), season 2 of Servant is about Leanne (Nell Tiger Free) in many ways. Who exactly is she? Why did she show up at The Turners. Actually, that’s not entirely true because it is still very much about Dorothy and Season (Toby Kebbell).

In many ways, Dorothy is becoming herself more and surprises when she uses her investigative journalism skills for their own purpose. Just when you think she’s becoming unhinged, “Dottie” saves the day. And yes, Lauren Ambrose is mindblowing in this role. The same goes for Toby Kebbell who I have adored since he starred in a season 1 episode of Black Mirror almost a decade ago.

Also, I really do have to mention Rupert Grint as Dorothy’s brother Julian and Jerrika Hinton (Grey’s Anatomy, Amazon’s Hunters) as Natalie. The two make for quite a team and I was happy to see Jerrika Hinton in key scenes early on in this second season. I think we’ll see a lot more of her as an actor in the years to come. I certainly hope so!

Watch season 2 of Servant on Apple TV Plus

The creator of Servant is Tony Basgallop even though many would probably think it’s M. Night Shyamalan since it’s billed as “his” series. Of course, Shyamalan is still involved with the series as is his daughter, Ishana Shyamalan, who does a wonderful job of directing episode 3 with M. Night Shyamalan directing episode 4. Ishana Shyamalan is also directing the season finale!

The director and co-director of the first two episodes in season 2 of Servant is Julia Ducournau who wrote and directed the brilliant Raw from 2016. A very strong director to open this second season with. Read our review of Raw (org. title Grave) here >

Just like season 1, this second season of Servant also has 10 episodes. The runtime of the episodes is also still around the 30-minute mark, which makes it extra binge-worthy. Watching an entire season of half-hour episodes would take less than five hours so obviously many of us would watch it in one sitting if we could.

It’s probably a good thing that we can’t. Instead, you can enjoy this series as the episodes are released – or risk getting spoiled if you’d rather wait and binge-watch it.

Servant season 2 has ten episodes and will premiere globally on Apple TV+ with the first episode on January 15, 2021, followed by new episodes weekly, every Friday.


The second season of SERVANT takes a supernatural turn with a darker future for all lying ahead as Leanne returns to the brownstone and her true nature is revealed.

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