FEEDBACK on Netflix is a Polish thriller series (Org. title: Informacja zwrotna). The mini-series has just five episodes and a very strong ending. If you like a mystery, then this series is for you. Read our full Feedback series review and find it on Netflix!

FEEDBACK is a new Netflix series from Poland (Org. title: Informacja zwrotna). It’s a limited series with five episodes and we’re in the thriller genre, where the plot is driven by a mystery. Most of the mystery is rooted in the fact that the main character can’t remember what happened the night before.

Don’t worry, before the series is over, we will get to see exactly what happened the night in question. The final episode shows the events unfold, so you won’t have to guess or presume anything. If you like a story where the main character also narrates the story (not unlike The Killer), then this is for you.

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Memory is the key

In the Polish Netflix series Feedback (org. title: Informacja Zwrotna), we follow a man who has lost his family due to his severe alcohol abuse. The story begins when his son disappears and he knows that he saw his son the night before, but has serious memory issues.

The reason he can’t remember is that he was blackout-drunk. He wakes up in his son’s apartment, with a bloody face, and his son has disappeared. Slowly, he tries piecing the night before together, but that’s not as easy as he would hope.

This has been a problem for quite some time, and falling off the wagon the previous night has only made his memory worse. Now, he needs to somehow dig into the memories that are somewhere in his mind, in order to find his son.

Think Christopher Nolan’s iconic Memento (2000) but with a social realism twist!

Feedback (2023) – Review | Netflix Thriller Series

The life of an alcoholic

It is a fascinating look at the life of an alcoholic. Marcin, the alcoholic, is the classic kind of drunk. His entire family can immediately tell that he’s been drinking just by seeing him. His eyes are glazed over, he’s constantly swerving as if on a boat or train, and once he does speak, the words tend to be vile.

Needless to say, his family has no need to be around him. However, they are all in desperate need of him finding his memories about the night before.

The ending of the Feedback (2023) series is brutal and direct. I absolutely loved how the final part of episode 5 was dedicated to actually showing us what happened. And also seeing Marcin react to having his memory jogged. It’s a brilliant ending to the Polish thriller series and one I think viewers will appreciate.

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The director of the Feedback series is Leszek Dawid, while the screenplay (or teleplay, as it were) comes from writer Kacper Wysocki. The series is based on Jakub Żulczyk’s bestselling novel about the former rock star and alcoholic with a shoddy memory and a missing son.

Arkadiusz Jakubik (Harlan Coben’s The Woods) is brilliant and very believable as the drunk Marcin. Also as the sober version of him, of course, but we do see him drunk quite a lot. Both in the present day and in flashbacks showing how his family endured his abuse for years.

Marcin is not a good guy. At all. He is a terrible person in just about every way and extremely selfish. Such is the nature of many addicts, and it is definitely a key point in this story as well. Kudos to Arkadiusz Jakubik for playing this character so brutally honest. It really does make this series a fascinating watch!

Feedback (org. title: Informacja zwrotna) is out on Netflix globally from November 15, 2023.


Director: Leszek Dawid
Screenwriter: Kacper Wysocki
Novel: Jakub Żulczyk
Cast: Arkadiusz Jakubik, Jakub Sierenberg, Dominika Bednarczyk-Krzyżanowska, Nel Kaczmarek, Ireneusz Czop,
Małgorzata Hajewska-Krzysztofik, Dariusz Majchrzak, Juliusz Chrząstowski, Agata Turkot


A rock star with memory issues due to his alcoholism goes on a wild search to find his missing son.

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