RUN RABBIT RUN on Netflix is a new horror movie from Australia. It’s a brutal psychological horror mystery. Sarah Snook is amazing, but equally breathtaking is the young Lily LaTorre. It’s a slow burn but never boring. Read our full Run Rabbit Run movie review here!

RUN RABBIT RUN is a new Netflix horror movie from Australia. This one is bound to leave a deep impact on many viewers. If you have kids around the age of seven, you may want to skip this. Kids say the strangest things, and in this psychological horror movie, it gets pretty intense.

The movie stars Sarah Snook as the mother and the young talent, Lily LaTorre, as her daughter. This girl is absolutely mind-blowing and can be both sweet, sassy, and downright terrifying within the same scene. With a psychological mystery at the heart of this story, it is a bit of a slow burn. However, it does result in a roaring fire before the diabolic ending.

Continue reading our Run Rabbit Run movie review below. Find it on Netflix from June 28, 2023.

A brutal psychological horror mystery

Sarah (Sarah Snook) is a fertility doctor and a single mom of her daughter. Dad is still in the picture as is a stepmom, so she’s not entirely alone with her daughter Mia (Lily LaTorre). And yet, the recent loss of her beloved father has stirred something in her.

This life-altering event – losing her father and dealing with being a single mom on a daily basis – is then combined with an increasingly strange behavior from her young daughter. The seven-year-old Mia insists that she misses her grandma Joan and wants desperately to see her.

However, the two have never met, and Sarah is very estranged from her mother.

This is just one of the stranger things Mia starts talking about. She also insists on wearing a bunny mask, which isn’t nearly as cute as it may sound. Also, Sarah has a lot of ghosts in her own past which seem to be impacting her daughter in strange ways.

The answer clearly seems to be that Sarah must confront her own childhood trauma, but she isn’t quite ready. At first, anyway, but one can be forced into facing the past.

Run Rabbit Run | Horror Movie

Sarah Snook and Lily LaTorre are mesmerizing

As already mentioned, Run Rabbit Run stars Sarah Snook (Succession, Black Mirror episode “Men Against Fire”) and Lily LaTorre (Hulu’s The Clearing) as mother and daughter respectively. Most of the movie is focused on these two characters and the actors are absolutely mesmerizing in their roles.


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As Mia’s father, we see Damon Herriman (Mindhunter, The Tourist) with Greta Scacchi (The Terror) as the mother of Sarah. Neither of these two amazing actors is in many scenes, but they are still very important to the story. Especially Greta Scacchi manages to deliver a few truly heartbreaking scenes.

In quite different ways, I might add.

The ending of Run Rabbit Run on Netflix

Whatever you might think the ending of Run Rabbit Run will be, when you watch it on Netflix, it still hits hard.

As this horror movie features a mystery and lots of psychological horror elements, there are clues throughout the story. That means the Run Rabbit Run ending will sneak up on you and you’ll probably realize a few answers to the mystery just as they play out on screen.

When the end credits come, you might want to scream at your screen to let you keep watching. Mostly because, yes, it is a somewhat open ending. You will get answers, but Run Rabbit Run definitely also ends on a cliffhanger of a sort. Or a very definite ending, if you feel like the outcome is a given.

Watch Run Rabbit Run on Netflix now!

Directed by Daina Reid (Shining Girls, The Handmaid’s Tale, Helstrom) this is a powerful Australian horror movie that also shows the nature of Australia in amazing shots. When considering the many amazing TV series Daina Reid has worked on, it’s obvious that this is a director who knows how to show complicated and nuanced female characters.

Run Rabbit Run was written by Hannah Kent, who is the author of the novel “Burial Rites”. That novel is currently being adapted into a feature film starring Jennifer Lawrence and directed by Luca Guadagnino (Bones and All). In other words, we should probably expect to see more from Hannah Kent in the future as she is just getting started.

Netflix bought the rights for Run Rabbit Run just before it premiered at Sundance, but it isn’t a complete global release as some countries will have it out of VOD instead. The US, UK, and Australia (along with most other countries) will be able to watch it on Netflix.

Run Rabbit Run is out on Netflix in most countries worldwide (though not all) from June 28, 2023.


Director: Daina Reid
Writer: Hannah Kent
Cast: Sarah Snook, Lily LaTorre, Damon Herriman, Greta Scacchi


A fertility doctor has her values challenged and must confront a ghost from her past when she notices strange behavior from her young daughter.

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