I HATE YOU TO DEATH on TUBI is a new thriller from director Chris Stokes. So far, it hasn’t been great, but this one actually works thanks to a kitsch approach. Though a bit too long, it’s worth watching. Read our I Hate You to Death movie review here!

I HATE YOU TO DEATH is a new TUBI Original that surprised me pleasantly. It’s yet another thriller from Chris Stokes, and I have been far from impressed with his movies so far. After watching the trailer for this one, I feared the worst. Seriously, the trailer is terrible, but it also isn’t a very good indication of what the movie is.

In this movie, the vibe is exactly what has been missing in his movies so far: A kitsch style that leans into the over-the-top storylines. Sure, the runtime of 1 hour and 44 minutes is still too long, so this is a point that could be improved on. Still, this movie has a lot going for it and actually turned out to be a feel-good revenge movie!

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Women fighting back

In I Hate You to Death, we meet three women who discover that they’re all married to the same man: Trevor. It turns out that Trevor is living three very different lives and is clearly finding it difficult to keep up the facade. This is why his secret is exposed when one wife suspects him of cheating and follows him out one night.

After all three have found out about each other, the three unwilling and unknowing “sister wives” decide to turn the tables on him and get revenge. As this is a thriller, there are some even darker elements to Trevor’s deception, but that’s not for me to reveal here.

Let’s just say he definitely deserves what’s coming to him.


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Also, the three wives are quite different but quick to band together. Once they realize the depths of Trevor’s deception, they know action must be taken. The three women deliver some fun moments as they try to be “under the cover”, but the undertone is quite dark throughout as this is essentially a revenge story.

The ending was a bit too quick to wrap up everything, so there’s still room for improvement there. I mean, after showing us a few flashbacks of previous scenes to make sure the audience is still following everything, the ending comes so fast.

Ultimately, the I Hate You to Death ending is good, but it could’ve been stronger with just a few minutes more devoted to it. These minutes could’ve been taken from one of the many flashbacks to scenes we’ve already watched once.

I Hate You to Death – Review | TUBI Thriller

A surprisingly entertaining thriller with dark comedy

I think most people can enjoy good drama wrapped up in a thriller, which is what this director has done in other TUBI movies. Just not in a very good way. He has had an almost grotesque tendency to push every trope in the book.

I keep saying that I can get behind this if you use a kitsch or campy approach. You cannot do it with a straight face as has been the case with his previous movies. Now, we finally get that kitsch approach where the characters get to do and say what you expect.

Not with crazy over-the-top drama that we’re expected to take seriously. No, with an over-the-top dark comedy vibe where even the wives call out each other when they’re getting crazy. Or nearly sucked back into Trevor’s charms.

Because yes, in I Hate You to Death, the women are actually quick to call out BS from Trevor. A character who really isn’t likable. Nor is he meant to be! I mean, sure, he’s charming and all, but also clearly the biggest douchebag.

For some strange reason, he keeps choosing these very strong women, which makes no sense when he goes on to cheat on them. Or actually, it just speaks to how amazing he believes himself to be.

The three wives and the cheating husband are all portrayed exactly as they should be, so kudos to the actors in this TUBI Original on that account.

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As already mentioned several times, I Hate You to Death is yet another TUBI thriller from director Chris Stokes. This has not been a great acquaintance for me, but I knew from the opening credits and first few minutes, that this was about to change.

Finally, the sometimes cringey dialogue (which is still there) and the crazy drama work. It works because the characters react in the kitsch ways you’d expect. They call out the BS and stupid things said by other characters. Suddenly, it fell into place and things were now done in all the right ways!

The script is written with Marques Houston once again. He also co-wrote the Chris Stokes-directed TUBI Original Still Here. A movie that really didn’t work for me!

Sure, this movie is still too long and could do with some cuts here and there, but this is by far the best movie from Chris Stokes on TUBI. It’s entertaining and allows the characters to feel more real. There are still unanswered questions, and details that don’t work, but it is definitely worth watching.

I Hate You to Death is on TUBI from November 23, 2023.


Director: Chris Stokes
Writers: Marques Houston, Chris Stokes
Stars: Daniel J. Johnson, Jadah Blue, Erica Pinkett, Asia Holiday


After discovering that her husband is living three separate lives, Kelsey Manning teams up with her “sister wives” to plot the ultimate revenge against him.

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