RESTLESS on Netflix is a new thriller from France (org. title Sans Répit). However, while this movie is French, it’s actually the remake of a 2014 movie from South Korea. A solid action-thriller perfect for Friday night. Read our full Restless movie review here!

RESTLESS is a new Netflix action-thriller from France (org. title Sans Répit). It’s the remake of a South Korean movie, so if you’ve watched the original, you’ll know the twists and turns of this one as well.

However, I have to say that both are solid action-thrillers and so I would recommend watching either. With this one released on Netflix this Friday, it’s perfect for mindless entertainment that throws a few curveballs along the way.

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French remake of a South Korean hit

I started watching Restless on Netflix without knowing anything about it apart from the title. Sometimes it’s just nice to start watching with no expectations or prior knowledge. However, just when this movie started, it felt strangely familiar. It was too weird to ignore so I had to pause and read up on it!

Turns out, it’s actually a (very close!) remake of the 2014 movie A Hard Day from South Korea (org. title Ggeutggaji ganda). It was written and directed by Seong-hun Kim, who went on to direct the 2016 movie Tunnel and many episodes of the Netflix series Kingdom (the zombie period piece hybrid).

A Hard Day played film festivals worldwide and won many awards. In fact, it was already remade in 2017 in China, so this isn’t even the first remake. But hey, good stories are universal and often spawn several remakes.

Restless (2022) – Review | Netflix Thriller | Sans Répit

A strong cast

I really liked the original for its twists and turns along with characters of a dubious nature. Something we often see in movies from South Korea, where no one is entirely good or bad. Hero or villain is rarely simple with South Korean productions. Interestingly, this is something French and Spanish movies also excel at.

Of course, this also means that if you’ve watched the original A Hard Day, you’ll know the plot twists. Still, both the original and this French remake on Netflix are very much worth watching.

The star of this French Netflix remake is Franck Gastambide, who does come across as a bit of a French Jason Statham in this one. Well, except for that purple leather jacket. Also in a key role, you’ll see Simon Abkarian (The Sonata). Overall, the casting is wonderful for this remake, which is another thing it has going for it.

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Restless was directed and co-written by Régis Blondeau, while the other writer of this French version of the story is Julien Colombani. This is the directorial debut for Régis Blondeau, who previously has worked primarily as a cinematographer.

Interestingly, he is not the cinematographer on this one, which surprised me. Often, when cinematographers turn directors, they also remain in charge of actually shooting the imagery. Instead, the cinematographer on Restless is Danny Elsen.

I have to be honest and say that I wasn’t blown away by Restless (Sans répit). However, I am also very aware that this has more to do with the fact that I already knew the story from the original South Korean movie than it does this new movie. It’s entertaining, but definitely best to watch without any spoilers.

Something you can’t possibly do if you’ve watched the movie that this is a remake of. However, if you’re not familiar with the story and many plot twists, this makes for an intense thriller with crazy action elements. Also, one that tends to surprise you in ways you probably wouldn’t expect.

Restless is out on Netflix from February 25, 2022.


Director: Régis Blondeau
Writers: Régis Blondeau, Julien Colombani
Stars: Franck Gastambide, Simon Abkarian, Michaël Abiteboul


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