Even though it’s always the job of any actor to be a chameleon of sorts, Neville Archambault is in a league of his own in 13 Cameras

If you don’t plan on watching 13 Cameras then that needs to change right now. The reason for that is very simple: Neville Archambault. His portrayal of the landlord, Gerald, is one of the creepiest and most realistic horror villains in years. In fact, the movie was initially named after his character with the title Slumlord. However, 13 Cameras hardly takes place in any kind of slum, so maybe that’s why the title was changed. It certainly isn’t because Neville Archambault (Gerald) doesn’t give it his all.

Neville-Archambault-GeraldFrom the first time “Gerald” appears on screen, you get the creeps. No, really! He doesn’t say much, which only adds to his scary persona, and anyone – male or female, young and old – tend to know you don’t mess with him, as soon as he looks at you with that intense stare. Also, Neville Archambault is ripped, and you can tell by his wide shoulders that he is physically superior, even if he also has a limp and is older.

However, like any good actor, Archambault is a regular horror chameleon, who looks like a real sweetheart in real life, when he flashes a smile. Something he certainly never does as Gerald (well, almost never!). I would absolutely love to see a movie, where we get to see both sides of this actor, and being the horror loving ScreamQueen, I absolutely want it to be horror. Neville Archambault

Of course, we also have to give credit to Victor Zarcoff, who wrote and directed 13 Cameras. This is his debut and without the amazing script and directing by Zarcoff, there obviously wouldn’t be any movie, and we wouldn’t be here singing Neville Archambault praises right now. The combination of these two is simply a match made in horror heaven, and we’d love to see more from this duo! A bit more backstory on Gerald maybe, and the first time he started his surveillance stalking: “Just 1 Camera: The beginning” (yeah, that genius idea is on me). Or maybe a completely different story, where we get to see the chameleon that is Archambault, so we won’t know for sure if he’s good or bad right off the bat.

Whatever Neville Archambault’s next project turns out to be, we’ll definitely be on board to check it out. While we wait, we’re going to start by checking out Solomon Grundy (2013), where he plays the title role.

And you should (of course!) check out our review for 13 Cameras if you haven’t already. It’s ready for you right here!

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