NAIL BOMBER: MANHUNT on Netflix is a true-crime documentary about the 1999 London bombings. Thanks to many first-hand accounts of these horrific acts of terrorism, we get an in-depth understanding of the events. Read our full Nail Bomber: Manhunt documentary review here!

NAIL BOMBER: MANHUNT is a new Netflix documentary about the gruesome 1999 London nail bombings. All the bombings targeted minority communities and we get first-hand accounts of both the terrorist attacks and the investigation.

Fair warning; Whether you’re part of a minority community or not, this should be hard to watch in many instances. For at least one bomb, the bomber even had his pet rats walk all over the nails that would later be used in the bomb. The rats also peed and defecated on the nails which led to awful infections for the people who had already been maimed by nails.

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A strong documentary thanks to relevant interviews

As a member of the LGBTQ community, I definitely related to the bomb that targeted a gay club. However, while watching the Nail Bomber: Manhunt documentary on Netflix, I felt myself relating equally to the other bombings.

This should always be the effect of hearing someone talk about terrible events. And what works extremely well in this documentary is having so many relevant interviews. Not just from people who wrote or read about it, when it happened.
No, we hear from the people who lived through this.

Also, an undercover spy in the far-right movement is interviewed. He is still in disguise as many still know him to be a Nazi. In other words, he can still go undercover and be a spy when needed.

Nail Bomber: Manhunt – Review | Netflix Documentary

An important look at far-right terrorism

It is especially thanks to the many first-hand accounts of these horrific acts of terrorism that we get an in-depth understanding. Both of the time, place, and people involved. I will never understand what drives someone to commit acts of terrorism.
However, I do want to try to understand.


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Also, the focus on the terrorism of the far right is necessary to shine a light on. Especially right now when the political climate is so very toxic in the wake of both Trump and the pandemic.

Whatever the motivations — be they based on religion, ideology, or something else — the common denominator is often being part of a group based on hate. Hatred of the world or for specific skin color, religion, or gender.

While also talking to some of the people who left the far-right movement (but were part of it in 1999), this becomes evident. These people are often abused and brainwashed by others. This is not to excuse their actions but rather to understand why they commit their hateful acts. All in an effort to avoid acts of terrorism in the future.

Watch Nail Bomber: Manhunt documentary on Netflix now!

Daniel Vernon is the director of this Netflix documentary. Nail Bomber: Manhunt is one of the most focused and honest documentaries on Netflix. We actually hear the words of the nail bomber himself, David Copeland, as he is interviewed by the New Scotland Yard after his arrest.

This being a true-crime documentary it’s all based on a true story, so the terrorist/murderer is of course already known. Hearing his words as he talks very matter-of-fact about awful action, is brutal. You can hear the detectives trying both to keep him talking and making sure he understands that his actions are far from a normal reaction to feeling anger or hatred.

Watch this Netflix documentary for the important topic and the sharp runtime of 72 minutes. For once, I almost wanted it to be longer, but I certainly also appreciate the dedicated focus on the topic rather than trying to revel in the disaster.

Nail Bomber: Manhunt is out on Netflix from May 26, 2021.


This documentary tells the story of the 1999 London bombings that targeted minorities, and the race to find the far-right extremist behind them.

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