BURNING BETRAYAL on Netflix is a Brazilian thriller based on a book. It’s a very steamy kind of thriller, where the plot isn’t much in focus. In fact, the actual story could be a short film. Within the first five minutes, you’ll see so much skin that you’ll get the idea. Read our Burning Betrayal movie review here!

BURNING BETRAYAL is a new Netflix thriller from Brazil (org. title: O lado bom de ser traída). In terms of style, you should expect something along the lines of Basic Instinct, Fifty Shades of Grey, or the Polish Netflix production 365 Days. In other words, there’s a lot of skin shown and many steamy scenes.

Oh yeah, and it’s also a thriller, but the plot is rather thin, so you can see through many of the plot twists ahead of time. I will however give it this; The production quality and location choices are gorgeous. Also, it doesn’t try to be anything more or other than what it is.

Continue reading our Burning Betrayal movie review below. Find it on Netflix from October 25, 2023.

It is what it is… unapologetically

In Burning Betrayal, we meet Babi (Giovanna Lancellotti), who discovers that her fiancé has been cheating on her. While this is a brutal discovery, it may be for the best as he doesn’t really rock her world as much as he seems to think he does.

Having just sold her motorcycle, she decided to get back to focus on her own desires and get back on her beloved motorcycle. Also, she colors her hair dark and joins a bike club. Sure, it may seem a bit drastic, but it also feels very much like she’s simply doing what she wants. Not what her would-be husband wants her to do or be.

Along comes Marco, also referred to as “the hot judge” and a steamy affair begins. She has no interest in a relationship after having been with her cheating ex for five years, so it’s all fun and – especially physical for these two.


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As it turns out, there is much more to her new “workout partner” than what meets the eye. And, for the record, everyone in Burning Betrayal is very fit. I mean, it’s eye candy galore with this one. Both men and women wear very little (if any) clothing and clearly work out. A lot.

Of course, none of the above sounds like a thriller, but that part of the story is there as well. We’re talking criminals, stalkers, friends who turn out to be villains, etc. Again, none of this is very shocking. For one, if all the men in a movie are dark, tall, and brooding, then clearly the glasses-wearing and Clark Kent-looking, soft-spoken male best friend, is the one you need to look out for.

Still, I can’t really get annoyed or irritated with anything in Burning Betrayal because it is what it is. Unapologetically so, and I can respect that. Personally, it’s not really my jam. Then again, not everyone loves a crazy horror-comedy, and I love those. To each their own.

Watch Burning Betrayal on Netflix now!

The Netflix movie Burning Betrayal was directed by Diego Freitas (My Dead Ones). It was adapted from Sue Hecker’s novel “O Lado Bom De Ser Traída” which is also the original Brazilian title of the movie. This title roughly translates as “The Good Side of Being Betrayed”. However, I can see why they changed the title to the briefer version for the Netflix movie.

Apart from having Giovanna Lancellotti in the lead role as Bárbara “Babi” Nucci, the core cast is made up of Bruno Montaleone, Leandro Lima, Camilla de Lucas, and Micael.

Whether you like Burning Betrayal or not, it certainly goes all in on its premise. The premise is to entertain and (especially) arouse viewers. Which is as delicately as I can put it. I mean, there are more scenes that take place in a horizontal position than usual. Or rather, you’ll see quite a few vertical as well. On the beach, in an office, or atop the dining room table. You get the point.

Burning Betrayal (org. title: O lado bom de ser traída) is out on Netflix globally from October 25, 2023.


Director: Diego Freitas
Cast: Giovanna Lancellotti, Bruno Montaleone, Leandro Lima, Camilla de Lucas, Micael


In this adaptation of Sue Hecker’s novel, an accountant sees her fiance’s betrayal as an opportunity for a sexual awakening, with dangerous consequences.

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