LIES AND DECEIT on Netflix is a mini-series from Spain (org. title Mentiras). It’s a classic “he said/she said” situation, but you will be getting the actual truth. The series has six episodes, each around 45 minutes. Full Lies and Deceit series review here!

LIES AND DECEIT is a new Netflix mini-series from Spain. The Lies and Deceit series isn’t actually new in terms of production, since it premiered on Spanish television (org. title Mentiras) in April of 2020. So, this is a new Spanish thriller series on Netflix.

Actually, it was supposed to premiere on Netflix on November 15, 2021, but for some reason, the date was moved.

The series has six episodes, each around 45 minutes, which is a bit too much for my liking. It wouldn’t have been bad for the overall story if a few of the side plots had been trimmed a little. Then again, they all have some value.

Continue reading our Lies and Deceit series review below and find all six episodes on Netflix now.

Spanish thriller series make it big on Netflix

Much like other Spanish-language productions that premiere on good ol’ flow television and then become big hits on Netflix later on. This happened for a series such as Toy Boy (which just had its second season released) and Dark Desire (also out with season 2 on Netflix here in 2022).

It’s a classic “he said/she said” situation (relating to rape), but you will be getting the actual truth.

The thriller element even comes into play rather early on when several facts are revealed. To be a bit more specific (while avoiding spoilers), Lies and Deceit reveal the actual truth way before the final episode. Knowing the truth and having to see the characters maneuver around after this, is very interesting.

Lies and Deceit – Review | Netflix Series

Many familiar faces for genre fans

The two main characters in terms of the core plot (which has to do with rape) are Laura and Xavier. They are portrayed by Ángela Cremonte and Javier Rey respectively. Both might very well be familiar to you if you’re used to watching Spanish genre productions.

Ángela Cremonte was in the new Netflix genre series Feria: The Darkest Light (2022) and also in the hugely successful Netflix series Cable Girls. Javier Rey was in the awesome 2020 Spanish Netflix genre-bending movie Unknown Origins (2020).


He co-starred with horror icon Belén Rueda in Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City >

For me, however, seeing Manuela Velasco on screen was the real treat. She is the Spanish final girl for me due to her role in the iconic Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza horror movie [REC]. Or, well, several movies in the [REC] franchise actually.

Only fitting that the amazing Jennifer Carpenter took over her role in the US remake. Even if the Spanish original is still the best, the two stars of these movies are equally amazing.

Watch Lies and Deceit on Netflix now!

Lies and Deceit was created by Curro Novallas who previously also wrote for the Netflix series High Seas (or Alta mar). Seeing as both these series have to do with the thriller, crime, and mystery genres, it’s clearly something Curro Novallas is comfortable with. He also directed a few of the episodes.

Overall, this is a really well-produced series with amazing performances by its cast. The subject is, of course, one that is very current and not easy for all to watch. However, I will say that it goes to great lengths to show things from more than one side. And, as I said earlier, the truth will come out to end the guessing game!

The series’ original Spanish title is Mentiras while the English title on IMDb seems to be Liar. However, on Netflix, they’ve gone with the title of Lies and Deceit so that’s what we’re sticking with. If you need to look it up on IMDb, then just use the Spanish title and you’ll find it easily.

All six episodes of Lies and Deceit are out on Netflix from March 4, 2022.


Creator: Curro Novallas
Stars: Ángela Cremonte, Javier Rey, Manuela Velasco, Miquel Fernández, Itziar Atienza, Paco Tous, Sofía Oria


A literature teacher seeks justice against a surgeon she claims date raped her, while he vehemently denies her accounts of the encounter.

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