Hidden in Plain Sight is a new thriller on Netflix. The movie was previously called Kill Me Twice which certainly sounds interesting. Find out if this is a movie for you in this review and watch it on Netflix now!

Hidden in Plain Sight is a new thriller on Netflix. It’s a classic Lifetime movie which means it will appeal to those who enjoy that sort of thing. I’m not one of those people.

To me, it becomes way too cheesy and easy. You know everything that will happen ahead of time and the characters are very one-dimensional.

I do actually enjoy some Lifetime movies and gladly recognize that they have covered some pretty damn awesome and important issues. This movie does as well, but it just doesn’t have a very good story.

Read more about the new thriller Hidden in Plain Sight in our review below.

Important issues with a weak story

The original title of Hidden in Plain Sight was Kill Me Twice and you can watch it on Netflix now under the new title. The old title might have been more telling since it refers to the main character having to fake her own suicide to get away from an abusive boyfriend. 

While this [domestic abuse] is an important issue, you will be irritated with the soap opera storytelling style. People fall in love in a matter of minutes, everything is very dramatic and cheesy. Also, the villain is clearly very bad but we know nothing about what kind of person he is.

That’s fine, I suppose, for the purpose of creating a one-dimensional villain. For creating an interesting character, however, it’s a huge problem. The result is that I just don’t care about any of the characters really. By the time the movie is over, I still don’t feel like I know any of them.

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT Review Netflix Thriller

Victoria Barabas stars in Hidden in Plain Sight

The star of Hidden in Plain Sight is Victoria Barabas who plays Anna. Or actually, her name is Kate (but her friends call her Katie) before she has to assume a new identity. The actor does what she can but both her story and character is too simple. At least, I didn’t get to a point where I cared too much about the story.

Especially since the whole vibe screamed that this would be a story with a happy ending. Was I right? Well, you’ll have to watch Hidden in Plain Sight on Netflix to find out. But I think you already know the answer.

The very violent ex, Nick, is portrayed by Gino Anthony Pesi (The Vampire Diaries) and Jake Allyn (The Quad) plays a new love interest for Anna.

One of the most interesting characters is Chloe, who is played by Jessica Meraz (Supergirl). She has just a bit more of an edge. And again, all the actors do what they can with their rather stereotypical characters.

Watch Hidden in Plain Sight on Netflix!

Hidden in Plain Sight is directed by Stacie Crawford with a script by Jed Seidel. This is the directorial debut for Stacie Crawford who recently released her second movie The Husband in April 2019. Previously, Stacie Crawford has produced several movies and TV series.

Jed Seidel has also worked a lot on TV productions. He has written on TV series such as Ghost Whisperer and Veronica Mars. Also, he wrote the horror TV movie The Haunting of Sorority Row (2007) which starred Leighton Meester.

As mentioned, Hidden in Plain Sight was originally titled Kill Me Twice which is also its title on IMDb. Even the poster has this old title, but we’ve seen this title switch quite a few times with movies from MarVista.

Most notably two teen horror movies that were even released the same day. First, The Detained which was previously called Deadly Detention and also Deadly Scholars which was called #SquadGoals

Kill Me Twice was the old title while Hidden in Plain Sight is what you need to search for on Netflix if you want to check out this new thriller.

Hidden in Plain Sight is out on Netflix in the US from April 30, 2019. Also, it should be out on Netflix in Canada and Australia as well with more to come.


Director: Stacia Crawford
Starring: Victoria Barabas, Gino Pesi, Jessica Meraz, Jake Allyn, Jack Fisher, Deborah Van Valkenburg


Armed with a new identity, Anna (Victoria Barabas) is prepared to hide from her dark past for as long as necessary. But with her young son now asking questions about his father and a promising new relationship on the horizon, she’s finding it harder and harder to manage. When Anna’s abusive ex-boyfriend (Gino Anthony Pesi) discovers she’s still alive and has a son, he stops at nothing to track her down. With her secrets finally catching up to her, Anna must decide whether she can keep running or if she must face her past in order to protect the ones she loves before it’s too late.

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