Home with a View of the Monster is a new indie horror movie that works extremely well. The Greenlee Brothers better continue making movies because I’m waiting for the next one! Impressive production on a low budget. Read our full Home with a View of the Monster review here!

Home with a View of the Monster is an indie horror movie by the Greenlee Brothers. And I really hope they’ll continue to make movies together if this is any indication of what’s to come.

Also, if this is what they can create on a low budget, someone should hand them more money. These guys are filmmakers that have passion, know how to tell a story, and work with characters to do so.

This movie mixes genres effortlessly and the humor works gorgeously to help the viewer relax before the next gut-punch.

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A very interesting cast

The cast of Home with a View of the Monster is perhaps largely unknown to most. However, I personally couldn’t care less since they all deliver impressive performances. More importantly, they all play very interesting characters that you want to get to know. Okay, some of the characters are very irritating, but that’s the point as well.

Ellen Humphreys and Sébastien Charmant portray the main characters, Rita and Dennis. Whatever you think of them, you have no idea who they really are until the story has progressed quite a bit. Ellen Humphreys will be in the upcoming CBS All Access series Interrogation, so you’ll see her soon again. And you should want to after watching her in this movie.

In other key roles, we have Jasper Hammer as Chance and Danielle Evon Ploeger (Last Girl Standing) as Kate. Especially the latter plays a character that should drive you crazy. However, once again, a lot will be explained as the story evolves.

I won’t really get into the actual story since I don’t want to spoil anything. I will say that the story is told through chapters that focus on different elements, so we do jump back and forth a bit. The story is not told completely chronologically, but it does make sense and I could not wait to see where it would go next.

Home with a View of the Monster (2019) Review

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Home with a View of the Monster is a movie by the Greenlee Brothers. More precisely, it’s directed by Alex Greenlee and Todd Greenlee while Adam Greenlee also took part in creating the story. The actual writer of the script for the movie is Alex Greenlee. Todd Greenlee is the editor of the film and, of course, they are all three producers.

Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I really hope to see more from the Greenlee Brothers. Alex and Todd have already made a lot of short films together since 2007 while Adam has just a few credits on his IMDb resume. However, for all of them, Home with a View of the Monster is the first feature film.

If you like watching indie movies that take chances and surprise you (in the best ways), then do check out Home with a View of the Monster. You may be confused at first, but these guys have a good grip on storytelling, so just let them tell you their crazy story.

Home with a View of the Monster is out on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from January 14, 2020.


Directors: Alex Greenlee, Todd Greenlee
Writers: Alex Greenlee (screenplay), Todd Greenlee & Adam Greenlee (story)
Stars: Ellen Humphreys, Sebastien Charmant, Jasper Hammer, Danielle Evon Ploeger


Needing a major life change in order to save their rocky marriage, a young couple (Dennis and Rita) decide to place their secluded lake house on a vacation rental app. When the couple returns home early, they find that their current tenant (Kate) has disappeared, leaving only their belongings as well as cryptic and increasingly eerie clues. Dennis and Rita have few clues as to where Kate could have gone. That is until Kate’s boyfriend (Chance) mysteriously shows up not only terrified of the events that he had experienced in the house, but with a warning of what is to unfold next.

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