THE DJINN is a new IFC Midnight horror movie that works extremely well in most ways. It’s brutal in both visuals and storyline. Which I love, of course. With a runtime of just around 80 minutes, it’s definitely worth checking out. Read our The Djinn movie review here!

THE DJINN is a new horror movie from IFC Midnight. It has a very simple story about a mute boy trapped inside his apartment with a monster. His dad is at work and his mom died recently, which is also a huge part of the plot.

Yes, it is brutal. And also, it’s an extremely impressive performance by the young actor, Ezra Dewey. Even if you don’t like horror movies with kids in starring roles (I know it’s a pet peeve for some), this one is worth checking out.

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Ezra Dewey steals every scene

Granted, Ezra Dewey is the absolute star of The Djinn since this is his story. Obviously, you’d expect a young actor in such a role to be a scene-stealer. However, I was consistently surprised at how intense and natural he was in every single scene. Even in scenes where he faces a very supernatural monster.

I bought every element of this story because Ezra Dewey sold it so damn well.

Personally, this kind of story does tend to work for me since I still relate to being a little kid home alone with a monster. Also, you know nobody would believe this poor kid if he tried to get help. I should also mention that this movie takes place in 1989 (again, relatable for me being a child of the 1980s) which means no cell phone or internet.

The Djinn (2021) Horror Review

Djinn or Jinn?

If you feel like you’ve heard about the Djinn (or Jinn) before, then maybe it’s because Netflix has created a series called Jinn which is about this same being. It’s a series from Jordan that was a bit more fantasy than horror, but which is definitely interesting as well.


Our review of the Arabic-language Netflix series Jinn here >

Still, if you’re shying away from The Djinn because you’ve watched a bit of Jinn, then please don’t. This new IFC Midnight release is a real horror movie in every sense of the word. Forget about the cutesy fantasy stories, you might expect from a supernatural story.

The Djinn is a horror movie of the kind that makes me want to leave the light on at night!

Watch The Djinn in theaters and On-Demand

The Djinn was written and directed by the filmmaker duo David Charbonier and Justin Powell. They also wrote and directed the 2020 horror movie The Boy Behind the Door which was their debut and also starred Ezra Dewey. We haven’t reviewed that one yet here on Heaven of Horror, but I would definitely recommend checking it out as well.

Whatever David Charbonier and Justin Powell come up with next, I will greet it with great expectations!

With these two first feature films, they have managed to craft very impressive and immersive horror movies. What I especially appreciate is the fact that they don’t shy away from showing the ugliest side of people (or the world) which means the story swerves in unpredictable ways.

Overall, The Djinn is a horror movie that works extremely well in most ways. It’s brutal in both visuals and storyline. Which I love, of course. Also, with a runtime of just around 80 minutes, it’s definitely worth checking out.

The Djinn is opening in select theaters and on VOD from May 14, 2021.


Directors: David Charbonier, Justin Powell
Writers: David Charbonier, Justin Powell
Starring: Ezra Dewey, Rob Brownstein, Tevy Poe


The story follows a mute twelve-year-old, Dylan Jacobs, as he discovers a mysterious book of spells inside his new apartment. Grieving the loss of his mother, and feeling isolated from everyone except for his father, Dylan performs a ritual that promises to deliver his heart’s desire: to have a voice. But he soon discovers that every gift has a toll when a sinister djinn arrives to collect his soul. Now trapped in his new home with nowhere to hide, Dylan must find a way to survive until the stroke of midnight or pay the ultimate price.

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