HERE FOR BLOOD on Screambox is a new wrestling horror-comedy. Yes, that is a thing and I’m happy it is. If you’re a fan of the hybrid genre, then this should be right up your alley. Read our full Here for Blood movie review here!

HERE FOR BLOOD is a new horror-comedy on Screambox and in select theaters. It has a wrestling angle that suits the hybrid genre very well. Even better than I expected, which is clearly also due to the charm of actor Shawn Roberts, who stars in this movie.

Also, the use of mostly practical effects is simply perfect for a movie like this. Currently, IMDb lists the runtime as 2 hours, but this simply isn’t accurate. The official runtime of 1 hour and 41 minutes (that is effectively 95 minutes without credits) isn’t too long. It could’ve been a little tighter, but it isn’t by much.

Continue reading our Here for Blood movie review below. Find it on Screambox from February 9, 2024.

Pro-wrestler versus sinister cult

In Here for Blood, we meet the pro-wrestler Tom O’Bannon, who ends up babysitting – for the first time ever – when his girlfriend needs to prepare for an important college exam. Not long after arriving at the secluded house, where the young Grace lives with her parents, things start getting weird. And violent.

It turns out, that a sinister cult has decided that they want Grace, which means the pro-wrestler needs to fight cult members to keep Grace safe. Fortunately, he is a lot smarter (and a better fighter) than most of the cult members.

The fights do get pretty creative and some scenes bring to mind Home Alone moments. This is where the practical effects become an important part of the horror-comedy as well. In short, what should have been a calm night of babysitting turns into a bloody home invasion struggle.

Here for Blood – Review | SCREAMBOX Wrestling Horror-Comedy

More horror comedies with Shawn Roberts, please!

Admittedly, I’ve always loved when men with a heavily muscular physique do comedy and show a softer side. Former wrestlers or bodybuilders turned actors like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Arnold Schwarzenegger are perfect examples of this.

Now, I can add Shawn Roberts (Resident Evil franchise) to the list of beefy dudes who know how to utilize charm and humor to carry a movie.

In Here for Blood, Shawn Roberts is a struggling wrestler, Tom O’Bannon, who doesn’t earn nearly enough to get thrown around in a ring. However, Tom knows exactly how to use his physique for good, when someone is in danger.

Also, he has perfect chemistry with Maya Misaljevic, who portrays the young Grace. The whole “new babysitter and wise-cracking kid” works because it never goes too far. Tom never comes across as ignorant or stupid when babysitting and Grace doesn’t attempt to trick him in sinister ways. Instead, they make the best of their situation.

Watch Here for Blood on SCREAMBOX

This SCREAMBOX Original was directed by Daniel Turres, and it’s his second feature film. The screenplay comes from James Roberts who also wrote the screenplay for Daniel Turres’ feature film debut Terry’s Car Gets Stolen (2021).

I have to mention that Here for Blood also features the voice of Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider. This should give you a good indication of the 1980s and 1990s vibe in this crazy hybrid mix.

Next from Daniel Turres is the horror movie Fresh Meat which is currently in production. For that movie, he is both writer and director, so I’m looking forward to what this will result in. I expect something good, but it will clearly be very different than this horror-comedy hybrid.

Also in the cast are Joelle Farrow (Under The Banner of Heaven), who is also in his upcoming horror movie, as well as Tara Spencer-Nairn (The Strain) and Michael Therriault (Cabinet of Curiosities).

This SCREAMBOX Original has been called a “wrestling-fueled horror-comedy” and this is definitely accurate. However, if you’re not into wrestling, you can still watch this. It’s a horror-comedy about a cult wanting to sacrifice humans to get eternal life, which has nothing to do with wrestling. Check it out and enjoy!

Here for Blood is out in select theaters and on SCREAMBOX from February 9, 2024.


Director: Daniel Turres
Writer: James Roberts
Cast: Shawn Roberts, Joelle Farrow, Maya Misaljevic, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Michael Therriault, Jesse Buck, Dee Snider


In this throwback to 90s horror, a rowdy pro-wrestler, struggling to make ends meet, agrees to fill in as a last-minute replacement for his girlfriend’s well-paying babysitting job. Upon arriving at the secluded family home, he meets the precocious.

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