WHAT HAPPENS IN MIAMI on Tubi is a new thriller about a murder mystery. A classic Whodunnit with an extra twist at the end. Read our full What Happens in Miami movie review here!

WHAT HAPPENS IN MIAMI is a new Tubi Original. This Whodunnit murder-mystery thriller is a MarVista production. In other words, a classic TV movie with a high-quality production value, but also quite predictable.

The runtime is just 1 hour and 30 minutes, though with the Tubi commercial breaks it does run a bit longer.

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What Happens on Spring Break

While the title is What Happens in Miami and refers to the classic “What Happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, this Tubi thriller could also have been titled “What Happens on Spring Break”.

Of course, for the three friends in this movie, the events that unfold in Miami impact their lives back home as well. The group begins as four friends going on a wild spring break in Miami, but only three of them will go back home.

The fourth friend goes missing and the remaining three are the main suspects in the investigation following her disappearance. Not for any particular reason, so it’s a bit strange, but hey, that’s the plot.

What Happens in Miami (2024) – Review | Tubi Thriller

Lots of flashbacks

The story plays out in the present, but we’re getting a lot of flashbacks to see what happened during spring break. It turns out that the girl who disappears, Autumn, isn’t much of a good friend.

Having said that, I have to give credit to Annalisa Cochrane (Into the Dark: Pure) who portrays Autumn. Despite this story playing out over just one short spring break, we see her evolve from a kind and protective friend to a cruel and vindictive person.

Of course, her friends have always known both sides of her, but to us viewers, it’s like she changes before our very eyes. From a sweet and kind person to someone who physically becomes ugly due to her ugly actions. Extremely well done by Annalisa Cochrane.

You may also recognize Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut from Cruel Summer season 1 and though I didn’t recognize the remaining two friend actors (Rachel Leyco and Jada Elena), they delivered solid portrayals.

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Tim Cruz is the director of this new Tubi Original, and his previous movie was also a Tubi production. It was the horror thriller The Final Rose (2022), which I have not watched, so I have no idea how it compares to this new movie.

The screenplay comes from Jackie Logsted. She previously wrote the screenplays for Tubi movies Rush for Your Life (2022) and Deadly Secrets of a Cam Girl (2023). The classic TV movie thriller seems to be a niche for her and she’s working it well.

While this isn’t super innovative or surprising, it does entertain more than many other Tubi productions. It’s at a 2½ out of 5, but we don’t do half ratings here. If you like the Whodunnit stories, then I recommend checking out this one.

Whether you decide to give this a shot or not, I do want to recommend another recent Tubi release. The movie Clickbait: Unfollowed is perfect for the kitsch and campy-loving genre fans. A real treat that comes from two of the stars of Wynonna Earp.

What Happens in Miami is out on Tubi from June 8, 2024.


Director: Tim Cruz
Writer: Jackie Logsted
Stars: Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut, Annalisa Cochrane, Rachel Leyco, Jada Elena Wooten, Christopher Collins, Lauren O’Quinn, Derek Roberts, Zachary S. Williams, Karsun Barrett, Phillip Patrick Wright, Stephie Torres


Spring break becomes trouble in paradise for a group of best friends when one of their own goes missing and they are the prime suspects.

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