#LIKE is an indie revenge movie by writer-director Sarah Pirozek. It has also been labeled a “feminist noir thriller” which sounds like an awesome subgenre to me. Fortunately, the movie also delivers on this label while never going the classic “torture” route. Read our #Like movie review here!

#LIKE is an indie revenge movie that manages to deliver a new spin on several of the classic thriller elements. The always brilliant Marc Menchaca stars in this movie alongside Sarah Rich who delivers a realistic and honest performance.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but I managed to be surprised in many ways. I particularly enjoyed that just when I was about to falter this movie for being too one-sided, it threw a few curveballs at me.

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A feminist noir thriller

The label I’ve seen attached to #Like is “feminist noir thriller”. Of course, this is bound to send some people running, but that’s fine since these people would never want to watch this story anyway. Should they? Absolutely. In fact, they probably need to more than anyone. They just can’t acknowledge the way the world actually is.

For this reason alone, you should also ignore the IMDb rating which is currently at 4.9 and simply ridiculous. In fact, if the word “feminist” or “woman-led” is related to any movie and it has a low IMDb rating, I’ve begun taking this as a good sign. It means the story or concept is hitting its mark.

So, is #Like actually a feminist noir thriller? I’d say so. But for most movie watchers, the revenge subgenre (or plot driver) will probably be what draws you in. And it should since the revenge storyline of this movie is spot-on.

#Like (2019) – Movie Review

Not your classic form of torture

One of my favorite things about #Like was the fact that violence and torture weren’t at the forefront. Usually, this is the main element of revenge movies. Unlike Don’t Click (2020) which I did have high hopes for, #Like manages to avoid all the classic torture porn scenes that have become synonymous with revenge plots.

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Of course, the “classic” torture scenes often feature torture performed on women. Often women have to suffer before enacting revenge and then torturing their tormenters. An eye for an eye and all that. However, I’m happy to say you will not have to watch any abuse of women in #Like before the revenge storyline begins.

While some forms of torture are applied during the storyline, there will be no blood or violence in the classic sense. The revenge in this movie is much more of a mind game. In fact, some men might have preferred to just be punished with physical pain and be done with it rather than suffer how “The Man” (Marc Menchaca) suffers in this movie.

A small but awesome cast

Speaking of Marc Menchaca, he really is impressive in #Like which he is also a producer on. I have yet to see a bad performance from him and I suspect I never will. Whether it’s in a series like the Netflix hit Ozark or the HBO adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider, Marc Menchaca always manages to steal every scene he’s in. And you keep wanting to watch him in even more scenes.

If you still haven’t watched the indie movies Alone (2020) or Every Time I Die (2019), then do yourself a favor and check them out!

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As the protagonist of this story, we have Rosie who is performed wonderfully by Sarah Rich. You might not know Sarah Rich, but she’s been in several TV series which means her face might be familiar anyway. She has more productions coming up, so we’ll definitely see more of her soon.

Also, in a smaller supporting role, we see Dakota Lustick who is yet another up-and-coming actor. You might recognize him from the movie Piercing (2018) where he played the young version of Christopher Abbott’s (Possessor) character.

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Sarah Pirozek is the director, writer, and producer of #Like and I must admit it has made me very curious about what might come next from her. Previously, Sarah Pirozek has worked as a director on documentaries, series, and short films. In other words, there’s no saying what might come next from this filmmaker.

Personally, I would love it if she continued in the thriller (or maybe even horror) genre since she clearly has a solid grip on the tension this genre requires. Also, I like the story she brought to the forefront with this movie so surely there must be more there she wants to share. We’ll certainly be ready to watch whatever comes next from her!

Overall, this movie surprised me in many ways and all of them were positive. Especially when I was just getting irritated that it felt too one-sided only to find my suspicions (fears) disproved. Sometimes it’s a treat to discover that your own fears and pet peeves when it comes to storytelling, might not come to fruition. Even when it looks inevitable!

#Like is out on most VOD platforms from January 26, 2021, and you can rent it here >


Director: Sarah Pirozek
Writer: Sarah Pirozek
Stars: Sarah Rich, Marc Menchaca, Samantha Nicole Dunn, Dakota Lustick, Jolene Marquez, Patricia Pinto, Liz Meinders, Marin Gazzaniga, Jeff Wincott, Ramon Nuñez


On the first anniversary of her sister’s death, Woodstock teen, Rosie, discovers the mysterious man who sexploited and bullied her sister to commit suicide back on-line trolling for new victims. After the authorities refuse to get involved she finds a darker side she never knew she had, as she takes justice into her own hands.

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