FOREVER US on TUBI is a new thriller that has very few thrilling moments. In fact, it’s more of a drama with brutally terrible dialogue. It’s like watching a trainwreck happen. Read our full Forever Us movie review here!

FOREVER US is a new TUBI thriller from Chris Stokes. After his previous TUBI movie that finally leaned into kitsch and camp, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Unfortunately, this movie takes us right back to the one-dimensional characters, unrealistic storyline, and awful dialogue.

Also, while it opens with what appears to be someone cleaning up after a murder, you will be waiting a good hour to get to this moment. An hour leading up to the moment where it all began is a lot. Especially as that hour feels like a mash-up or spoof of every adult movie ever made.

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Going after the other woman

In Forever Us, we meet a man who has an affair. Nothing new or innovative about this. Well, except for the fact that every aspect of their lives seems odd. She lives in L.A. as a struggling artist (painter, to be exact) and can still afford to rent a gorgeous and rather large Airbnb to live in.

As someone who has rented an Airbnb in L.A. on several occasions, I can’t even imagine the rent of that place. But it is nothing she would be able to afford on her “struggling artist” and food court employee salary. That’s for damn sure.

Officially, this movie is about his wife who grows suspicious of her distant husband. Seeing that her “delivery guy”-husband is constantly stressed out about work, I can see why. Hey, no shame on any kind of job. I’ve worked my fair share of odd jobs.

However, it’s not stressful after the working day is gone. The salary of these jobs may not be great, but being truly off from work, when the day is done, is a major perk.

Anyway, the wife does what they always do in these situations; Go after the other woman. Towards her husband, she’s still just going “babe” and “baby” in every other sentence, but the mistress needs to be brought down. So much so that she ends up dead.

Forever Us (2023) – Review | TUBI Thriller

Perfect for a drinking game!

The number of times someone says “Babe” makes Forever Us perfect for a drinking game. If you add the times when “Baby” or “Princess” is said, you’ll be passed out drunk very early on. This is a tiny detail, but one that really starts grinding when it’s mentioned so many times.

Also, there are all the classic Catfish professions. He’s a delivery guy – the perfect adult movie character profession –with a white van (the classic transportation of any serial killer) that has a paper sign slapped on the side.

It’s peeling off in more than one scene and is just one example of the extreme lack of attention to detail.

The wife is “going to board meetings” and is very busy and important. Later, we learn that she works at a pharmaceutical company that resides in what can only be described as a public library. Oh, and of course the company she works for is on the brink of curing cancer.

Who was the best Aunt Viv?

Fresh Prince is a running theme for the two people having an affair. A real “meet cute”-thing they have going on. They do poor imitations of the characters and bond over their love for the iconic Will Smith show.

And this may be where the biggest error in Forever Us can be found. Simply because it’s factual!

They talk about who their favorite Aunt Viv was and both think the first was the best. Which, they comment, is unusual because everyone always prefers the second. And umm, no, they do not.

In fact, even Will Smith has stated he preferred the first Aunt Viv.

One thing is having struggling artists in gorgeous Airbnb rentals, being part of curing cancer or being a very important delivery guy. Another is presenting blatant false details. I mean, it goes beyond being lazy in your writing! And yes, it’s a pet peeve, but come on, it’s stupid.

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What the hell, Chris Stokes?! I thought we were finally getting on the same track. If you’re going to do stereotypical characters and cringe-worthy dialogue, then lean into it. Go all the way and make it fun instead of expecting the audience to take it all at face value.

Whenever a TV movie (which is what these particular TUBI productions clearly are) goes all in on the TV movie stereotypes with a smirk and a wink, it does truly entertain. Admittedly, I can’t blame Chris Stokes for everything as he isn’t the screenwriter.

Marques Houston is – as it’s usually the case. And, honestly, I hope they’ll include Sister, Sister in an upcoming movie as a reference instead. That would be cool seeing as he became famous for playing a recurring character on that show. If it’s used in the kitsch and campy TV movie sense, of course.

So, what is the moral of the story in Forever Us? Well, it would appear to be that you just have to kill the mistress – and put the fear of God into the boyfriend of your daughter – and you will be happy in your marriage again.

Forever Us is premiering on Tubi on December 21, 2023.


Director: Chris Stokes
Writer: Marques Houston
Stars: Lyrica Anderson, Skylar Dominique, Harvey B. Jackson


A woman’s perfect marriage is shattered when her husband falls for another woman leading to secrecy and obsession and igniting a deadly showdown.

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