FOLLOWERS on SCREAMBOX is a horror movie sequel, but you can watch it as a stand-alone easily. The events of the first movie are covered during the opening sequence. Read our full Followers (2024) movie review here!

FOLLOWERS (2024) is a new SCREAMBOX horror movie. It’s a sequel to Follower (2022), but you can watch this horror movie without having watched the first. Key elements from the first movie are covered during the opening sequence and then you’re good to go.

I have not watched the first movie, but seeing the plot covered at the beginning of this sequel made me curious. I can’t claim I was blown away by this new movie, but it had good moments and worked the genre elements quite well. In other words, it is worth watching if you like a solid survival horror movie.

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PTSD and a home invasion

As already mentioned, this is a sequel where the events of the first movie are covered at the beginning. It’s now a year later, and the three friends who barely survived Follower (2022) are dealing with the aftermath in different ways.

I think it’s fair to say that PTSD is probably a part of all of their lives. However, some of them are dealing with it better than others. Or rather, some try to deal with it, while others simply numb it via substance abuse or by making documentaries and getting picture deals lined up.

Now, the very same group of friends that narrowly escaped death a year ago, are targeted by a cult. An internet-based cult of incels that have left the dark corners of the internet and stepped into the real world. Where Follower was set out in the wild on a hiking trail, Followers is a home invasion horror-thriller.

Followers (2024) – Review | Screambox Horror Sequel

Low budget and working it

I have to highlight that while this is a low-budget production, it’s very smart about it. Instead of opting for bad CGI or going for the crazy slasher style of horror comedy practical effects, the last-second cut-away is used.

You’ll be able to understand what’s about to happen, but instead of showing the violence, we see the aftermath. It’s one of the best ways to avoid shoddy special effects while still showing the brutal and bloody results required for a horror thriller.

I also appreciate much of the dialogue and the social commentary. Some of it falls a bit flat, and while you can blame the actors, I think the director needs to keep shooting until it’s right. For a few scenes in Followers, a couple more takes would probably have been a good idea.

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Director James Rich and co-writer Zac Hersh are back with this horror movie that they call a “timely social commentary.” However, I did not feel it was clear enough to condemn the perpetrators, which is a problem in a world where incels can claim themselves victims while being those who are harming others!

While I applaud the smart use of budget for the violent scenes, I have to mention that I wish the same could be the case for the kitchen scenes. Whether because they can’t multitask or just never cook, no one had any idea what they were doing. A small thing, you might say, but it breaks the illusion.

Also, it’s difficult to focus on what’s being said when I fear they’re about to chop off their fingers. Plus, the food they’re “cooking” is never what ends up on the table, which also seems strange. It’s not that hard!

Having said that, I still think it works as a survival story with a home invasion plot.

Followers (2024) is on SCREAMBOX from March 12, 2024.


Director: James Rich
Writer: James Rich, Zac Hersh
Stars: Revell Carpenter, Annika Foster, Michael Bonini, James Rich, Molly Leach, Jackson Jones, Walker Edelman, Gigi James, Chris Scarciotta, Joe Hulser, Cole Cuomo, Zac Hersh, Sean Regan


A year after surviving a brutal attack, a social media influencer and her friends find themselves once again in the crosshairs of a dangerous and relentless dark web cult, thirsting for retribution and willing to stop at nothing to get it.

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