Want the 2024 THE SIGNAL Netflix series ending explained? Maybe you’re confused about the ending of the Netflix series The Signal?! Well, here’s our take on the ending of the new German Netflix sci-fi series Das Signal. *SPOILERS*

We loved the Netflix series The Signal ending, but you may want the ending explained. The 2024 German series has quite a surprising ending, so we know people will have questions. People seem confused about both the plot and the ending. That’s why we’ve made an FAQ here and given our answers.

Obviously, this will be full of spoilers regarding key plot elements from The Signal (2024) series on Netflix. Including details about the actual Das Signal ending. After all, we have to get into all sorts of plot details to cover the various questions about the ending.

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Netflix 2024 series The Signal ending explained

The Signal ending may have surprised many, which also means some loved the ending and others were not fans. Finally, there are many asking for The Signal ending explained, so we’re looking into that as well.

In the below Q&A, we’ll be talking about some of the most asked questions. Some are simply elements of the story. However, most questions do directly play into the ending. No matter what questions you have, hopefully, the answers can be found below.

Which movies are similar to The Signal series on Netflix?

Because The Signal series on Netflix deals with aliens and possible communication with something extraterrestrial, there are a few famous movies, it may remind you of. The two that first spring to mind are Interstellar (2014) by Christopher Nolan and Arrival (2016) by Denis Villeneuve.

Both deal with space in some form. The first have astronauts lost in space who struggle to communicate with those back home on Earth. The second deals with communicating with aliens who have come to Earth.

Also, the second deals with us humans wanting to attack the aliens despite them showing no aggression. This is also a key plot point of The Signal on Netflix, where the 2024 series deals with communication, astronauts getting lost on their way back home, and human aggression toward the unknown.

How does Sven know when the aliens will land?

When Paula left Sven a message before she died in a plane crash, she commented on their anniversary. However, she mentioned the wrong date when speaking of their anniversary. At the time, Sven didn’t understand why.

However, when he realized that Paula had to speak in code, he finally understood. When Paula landed on Earth, she saw her co-scientist Hadi speaking with Mudhi and realized she couldn’t trust anyone with the knowledge of when the aliens would land.

That is when she sent the message to Sven, where she mentioned the wrong date for their anniversary. As Sven realized, this date was the correct time for when the aliens would touch down on Earth.

Are there aliens in The Signal series on Netflix?

While we never see any aliens in The Signal on Netflix, the conclusion by the main characters is that yes, there are aliens. Instead of them traveling to Earth to greet us, they have sent us a message by returning our message to Earth.

Why doesn’t Paula push the parachute button when the capsule is crashing towards Earth upon their return from the ISS?

We learn later that Paula has learned a lot while onboard the ISS. Mostly, she cannot trust anyone with the knowledge about the message from Deep Space and the fact that aliens are approaching our planet.

Also, she was traveling with Hadi who had just tried to kill her while on the ISS. All in order to get the information about when the aliens will arrive.

When Paula finally pushes the parachute button, it’s because Hadi reveals that he had to do whatever it took to get the information. After all, someone held his children hostage down on Earth.

Is Shia LaBeouf in The Signal series on Netflix?

No, Shia LaBeouf is not in the 2024 series The Signal on Netflix. However, the main actor and one of the writers of the German series (org. titel: Das Signal) do look a lot like Shia LaBeouf on the poster/cover, so we understand the confusion.

Netflix series THE SIGNAL (2024) ending explained

Who crashed the plane Paula and Hadi were on?

We learn that their benefactor, Mudhi, who paid for their trip to the ISS was supposed to be on the plane. However, she never stepped onto the plane while her bags remained on the flight.

Who is the old lady who wants to talk to Charlie?

The old lady is someone who has been listening to the same “Hello” message from Earth that Paula, Charlie’s mother, has now discovered while on the ISS.

If you’ve watched the Apple TV+ series Constellation, a very similar story is used in that series as well.
Also, if you haven’t watched Constellation, then you should. It’s very good – and yes, better than The Signal. In my humble opinion anyway.

What lands on Earth in The Signal series ending?

The object that comes crashing down in the desert – at exactly the time predicted by scientist Paula, who heard the “Hello!” message while on the ISS – is our very own Voyager 1.

When father and daughter, Sven and Charlie, see the object crash down, they run towards it, still not knowing what it is. However, they quickly recognize that it is the Voyager 1 which is carrying the Voyager Golden Record.

Who does Paula hear say “Hello!” while on the ISS?

The final moment at the ending of The Signal series is when Sven and Charlie discover where the “Hello” comes from. It’s the very first word of the message on the Voyager Golden Record, so it’s a human being speaking. A human child, to be exact.

In classic record fashion, the needle was stuck and so the word “Hello!” kept playing over and over again.

Did aliens send a message in The Signal series?

Well, this is certainly the conclusion made by Sven and Charlie. That aliens did in fact receive our message sent with the Voyager. And, possibly, the aliens made the Voyager Golden Record get stuck on the one word.

In essence, the aliens are saying “hello” to us via our own words. An indirect first communication!

What is the full sentence on the Voyager Golden Record?

We only hear the full message once, when Charlie resets the needle on the Voyager Golden Record in The Signal ending. The complete message – from which the word”hello” is taken – has the following wording:

“Hello, from the children of the Planet Earth”

And yes, a child is speaking these words, which is why it also sounds like a child is saying hello to us from deep space. You can hear the five-second audio clip on Wikipedia by clicking here >

Is the ending of the Netflix series The Signal a letdown?

I’ve seen people disappointed that aliens do not land on Earth at the end of The Signal series on Netflix. However, I personally loved the ending. It makes sense that aliens would try sending a message back before just arriving here.

Seeing that humans try to shoot down something they can’t even see because it was supposedly the time the aliens would land, proves that this was a smart decision.

As a species, we have a terrible history of hurting, trapping, and killing anything we do not know or understand. If aliens came to Earth, our conclusion would quickly be that they are dangerous. This was also a key plot point in Arrival where they meant only to help.

The aliens also wish to communicate in Steven Spielberg’s iconic Close Encounters of the Third Kind from 1977. However, in other movies such as Independence Day, the aliens do mean to harm us and take over our blue planet.

I prefer stories where the aliens are not evil because this suits my worldview better. Mind you, this is a worldview where I recognize that human beings can be both good and extremely cruel.

Will there be a Season 2 of The Signal (org. title: Das Signal)?

The series is labeled as a limited series, so there are no official plans for a season 2.

That’s it. We hope the above little Q&A helped answer any questions you had about the ending or plot of The Signal series on Netflix. 

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