THE TEXAS KILLING FIELDS on Netflix is the latest season of the CRIME SCENE true-crime anthology. This is season 3 of the docu-series and there are three strong episodes. Read our full Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields review here!

THE TEXAS KILLING FIELDS is the new Netflix true-crime documentary series. This is the third season of the CRIME SCENE anthology. The third season has a region in Texas with a downright sinister pattern of girls who have disappeared and later turned up dead.

Also, there is a very unfortunate pattern of the police refusing to look into the cases at first. And, perhaps even worse, trying to keep the families of the victims from talking to one another. We get to hear from many people, who have felt very much let down by law enforcement – in many different ways.

Continue reading our Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields review below. Watch all three episodes on Netflix from November 29, 2022.

Decades of girls being murdered

In this third season of the Netflix true-crime anthology, the filmmakers investigate the “Texas Killing Fields”. This is the name that was given to a region where girls, who were at first “just” missing, all turned up dead. Once this name was used in the press, police finally started acting on the cases.

The area known as “The Texas Killing Fields” is located amidst the bayous, marshes, and oil refineries. All of these are found alongside the interstate connecting Houston to beach towns such as Galveston. In particular, the fields along Calder Road earned the “Killing Fields” moniker.

The bodies of three young women were discovered there in the 1980s. All located in very close proximity to one another. Also, a fourth body was discovered nearby in 1991. While their murders remain unsolved, there are definite suspects named.

So many missed opportunities

If you’ve watched the very recent Netflix addition I Am Vanessa Guillen, you’ll recognize Tim Miller in The Texas Killing Fields. One of the cases is about his daughter. Tim Miller is the grieving father who refuses to give up on the hunt for his daughter’s killer.

He does some stupid things along the way when the police essentially identify the killer based on a simple profile. But he also founded Equu Search. That’s the search and recovery organization that supports other local families facing similar tragedies.

Before the season is over, you will know about five decades of the area’s unsettling history. So many strange connections and missed opportunities that all involve the Calder Road cold cases, which is also dubbed the “Texas Killing Fields”.

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields — Docu Series (2022)

The best Crime Scene season so far!

The first season of this true-crime anthology had four episodes while season 2 and this latest season 3 feature three episodes. To me, this is the strongest Crime Scene season yet!

We’ve also covered the two first seasons, which you can find reviews of here:

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As a concept, these Crime Scene documentary series have had a tendency of going beyond the core cases. To me, this was always a big mistake. Also, they tended to feature interviews with people who weren’t directly involved, which didn’t help either.

All of that has been improved on vastly with The Texas Killing Fields season.

Watch The Texas Killing Fields season on Netflix now!

The Texas Killing Fields is the third installment of the Netflix true-crime anthology series that focuses on crime scenes. This is definitely the season that utilized this concept the best and is executed with the strongest episodes.

The producers are still filmmakers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard along with documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger. The first two seasons were also directed by Joe Berlinger, but for this season 3, Jessica Dimmock is directing.


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Jessica Dimmock (the Hulu docu-series Captive Audience) does an excellent job and keeps a much stronger focus on the core subject than the previous seasons managed. Hopefully, she will continue directing on this Netflix anthology.

Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields is on Netflix from November 29, 2022.


The bodies of murder victims are found on a stretch of land in League City, Texas; while the murders remain unsolved, one man refuses to give up on the hunt for his daughter’s killer.

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