CLOCK on Hulu is a horror thriller starring Dianna Agron in yet another very strong performance. If you’ve watched Dead Ringers on Prime Video, you know what to expect in terms of childbirth scenes. Oh yeah, it’s intense. Read our full Clock movie review here!

CLOCK is a new Hulu horror thriller that is also labeled simply as a psychological thriller. However, believe me, there is quite a lot of horror in this one as well. From the visions, the main protagonist suffers, to her strange actions. All is a result of trying to “fix” her biological clock so she’ll want to have children.

As children, pregnancy, and childbirth is a core subject of this movie, that also means some quite graphic scenes. Of course, it’s the most natural thing in the world. It’s just also a very intense and bloody event. If you’ve watched the new Dead Ringers series on Prime Video, you’ll know what to expect.

Continue reading our Clock movie review below. Find it on Hulu when it premieres on April 28, 2023.

Fixing broken women with science?!

In Clock, we follow the successful interior designer Ella Patel (Dianna Agron) as everyone around her is either getting pregnant or asking her when she’s ready to start a family. Her own father (Saul Rubinek) is particularly adamant about the importance of this.

Her husband, Aidan (Jay Ali) is very laid back and states that he just wants to be with her. No pressure from him, but Ella still feels she’s somehow broken.

So, when a doctor mentions a clinical trial that supposedly “fixes” the broken biological clock of some women, she signs up as a test subject. This clinical trial is something that takes both a mental and physical toll on Ella. It even continues when she returns home. And in ways that impact all aspects of her life.

Clock (2023) – Review | Hulu Horror Movie

Dianna Agron is scary good!

Dianna Agron (Shiva Baby, I Am Number Four) is amazing as Ella, and she has to be. The entire concept is depending on us believing her. Both her lack of desire to have kids and her desire to fit in and do as society demands.

It’s not an easy role, but then again, Dianna Agron clearly isn’t looking for easy. She’s been taking on various roles – smaller and larger – in movies with subjects she’s wanted to explore. A movie like Novitiate (2017) is another good example of this.

As the husband of Dianna Agron’s Ella, we have Jay Ali (Carnival Row, The Purge series). And in another key role, we see Melora Hardin (The Office, Falling Skies) as the pioneering doctor managing the clinical trial Ella takes part in.

Watch Clock on Hulu!

The new psychological horror thriller Clock was written and directed by Alexis Jacknow. She previously made the short films Clock and Costume Change which were featured in the Halloween horror anthology Bite Size Halloween. In other words, horror stories (and productions) are nothing new despite this being her feature film debut.

Also, in case there was any doubt that Clock is a horror movie, I should add that the press material includes this little gem: “The feature adaptation of Clock is part of the studio’s existing slate of Original horror features for Hulu, including Grimcutty, Matriarch, and the upcoming Appendage and The Mill.”

Oh yeah, this definitely belongs under horror! And the ending is just as intense as the rest of the movie – what a way to end a movie! Enjoy it… or, you know, get ready for things to get a little crazy.

Clock is on Hulu from April 28, 2023.


Director: Alexis Jacknow
Starring: Dianna Agron, Melora Hardin, Jay Ali, Saul Rubinek, Grace Porter


On the eve of her 39th birthday, a woman desperately attempts to fix her broken biological clock.

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