CATCHING KILLERS Season 3 is out on Netflix now. This time, the true-crime documentary series has four 45-minute episodes. As revealed by the title, the cases are solved. Read our Catching Killers season 3 review here!

CATCHING KILLERS Season 3 on Netflix is the latest season in the true-crime documentary series. It’s all about catching the killers (as the title says) and solving cases. In several of these cases, the killers are active for many years.

Each season has had four episodes and this third season is no exception. However, where the episodes have previously been between 30-45 minutes (season 1) and just over 30 minutes (season 2), all episodes in season 3 are around 45 minutes long.

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Season 3 includes the New York Zodiac Killer

Now, before you start thinking “But the Zodiac killer was never caught!”, you need to notice the “New York”-part. The serial killer covered in episode 2 of Catching Killers season 3 is a copycat. He killed people in New York in the 1990s.

The original Zodiac killer – the one who was never caught – was a serial killer, who operated in the late 1960s in Northern California.

I can’t remember that I had ever heard of the New York Zodiac killer, but he certainly makes quite the impact when his crimes are covered here.


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What I’ve enjoyed about the two first seasons is still true for season 3. The cases are covered by people who were directly involved with working on them when they happened. Also, the episodes are almost bite-sized with just one episode to cover each serial killer.

Still, there is both respect for the victims and even the realization that some of the police work wasn’t good by today’s standards.

Catching Killers: Season 3 – Review | Netflix

The cases in Catching Killers‘ third season

It should be noted that it’s been a while since the first two seasons of Catching Killers came out. Season 1 came out in November 2021, and Season 2 was just a few months later in February 2022.

Now, more than a year later, the true crime anthology series is back with four strong episodes in its third installment.

In season 3 of Catching Killers, we go through four different cases over the course of four episodes.

End of the Line: The Railroad Killer

Dubbed “The Railroad Killer,” a man hops trains to his victims’ homes, bludgeoning them, helping himself to their food — and evading police for years.

Night Terror: New York Zodiac Killer

In the ’90s, a killer in New York selects his victims based on their birth signs. Can the cops catch him before he attacks all 12 symbols of the zodiac?

Manhunt: The Olympic Park Bomber

A deadly bomb explodes at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. But as FBI agents investigate subsequent attacks, they realize they’ve also become targets.

Trained to Kill: The DC Sniper

In 2002, a sniper shoots six victims in a Washington suburb, linking him to a spree that resulted in one of the largest manhunts in American history.

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I still can’t help but think that a bigger focus on the victims would be good. However, just like when I covered the previous season, I respect that this is about the detective work that resulted in the killers being caught.

I mean, after all, it is called “Catching killers”. And, to be fair, there really isn’t much focus on the actual killer either. In fact, the victims tend to get as much focus as the killer. Which isn’t all that much, but still a fair share.

Again, this Netflix docu-series is about how the killers are brought to justice. And, in a very honest way, it does not shy away from also covering mistakes. Big mistakes that result in even more people being murdered before the killer is caught.

The episodes tend to end when the killers are caught, which is exactly why there isn’t much focus on them as people. We see their faces as they are presented to the public and we get the verdict and – once again – their victims remembered by the officers who worked for their justice.

Season 3 of Catching Killers is out on Netflix from June 23, 2023.


Real-life investigators recount stories of cold-blooded killers, the desperate efforts to stop them and the brave people who brought them to justice.

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