CABIN GIRL on TUBI is a new horror movie with a runtime of just around an hour and a half. The plot features a mystery that you’ll see unravel. An intriguing lead character that may drive you a bit crazy, but also realistic. Read our full Cabin Girl movie review here!

CABIN GIRL is a new TUBI horror movie available to watch for free on the streaming platform. And you’ll want to give this one a shot. It’s very much a horror mystery that is part tragedy and part ghost story. Complete with a Ouija board, which is even something the characters do half-jokingly.

Personally, I felt like the pacing and story of this horror movie worked surprisingly well. Also, both the production quality and acting is really good. Basically, I’m absolutely recommending you give this horror movie a shot.

Continue reading our Cabin Girl movie review below. The horror movie was released on TUBI on July 12, 2023.

From Van Girl to Cabin Girl

The title character is actually named Ava, and due to circumstances, she ends up buying an old van and driving around the United States. Of course, she documents all of her experiences and becomes an influencer. When the movie opens, we see how her follower count slowly increases and then just explodes.

Before long, she is a bonafide influencer traveling around in her van as “Van Girl”, which is also the name of her YouTube channel. She becomes part of a community of other young people doing the same. All are frustrated that there are no decent jobs and finding a home costs more than any one job can cover.

Buying a van and driving around, however, is cheap. Especially if you can then document your experiences and make money as an influencer. Isn’t that just the dream for many?!


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However, now her life and income depend on her being able to drive around in her van. So, when an accident forces her to slow down and not drive for at least three months, she becomes “Cabin Girl” instead.

She got the cabin for next to nothing and – obviously! – there’s a reason why. The rather isolated cabin hasn’t been lived in for quite some time and the previous owner has something to do with that. After discovering the dark history of the cabin (or rather, its owner), she is convinced that the owner’s troubled spirit is now haunting her.

Then again, she did hit her head in that van accident, so what can she (and everyone else) really trust?!

Cabin Girl (2023) – Review | TUBI Horror Movie

A realistic look at influencer life

In a nice twist, Cabin Girl does also show the “other side” of being a social media influencer. One part is the whole “behind the scenes”, where we see Ava setting up the camera and essentially directing herself in scenes. That’s “reality” on social media for ya!

Another part of being an influencer is the risk of a sh*tstorm or a backlash. Ava has to endure people hating on her switch to becoming a “Cabin vlogger” while they’re still in the van community.

Rose Lane Sanfilipo (Infamous) stars as Ava aka “Van Girl” who then becomes “Cabin Girl” and she does a brilliant job. Sure, she gets annoying along the way, when she is extremely set in her own ideas and won’t listen to anyone else. However, she’s also the only one seeing ghosts and is recovering from a serious head injury.

Alongside Rose Lane Sanfilippo, we also have Austin Scott (They Found Hell), Lee Tergesen (Oz, Black Bird), and Michael Rispoli (The Sopranos). Also in this horror movie on TUBI is Jess Weixler who starred in the brutal horror-comedy Teeth (2007). Be sure to check out that one!

Watch Cabin Girl on TUBI now!

Cabin Girl was directed by Jon D. Wagner, who has produced horror movies more than direct them. He does have quite a lot of short films and other productions on his director resume already.

As a producer, Jon D. Wagner has produced many horror movies you’ll be familiar with. These include The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018), the awesome Halloween horror movie Haunt (2019), and the latest Wrong Turn (2021). Okay, I didn’t love that last one, but I definitely enjoyed the other two. And these are just a few of his productions.

The screenwriters of Cabin Girl are Leslie Beaumont and Rory James Wood, who managed to create an intriguing story on multiple levels. Both the very real tragedy and the ghost story element worked for me. Especially as the runtime is around that sweet spot of just under 90 minutes. Check it out on TUBI now!

Cabin Girl premiered on TUBI on July 12, 2023.


Director: Jon D. Wagner
Writers: Leslie Beaumont, Rory James Wood
Cast: Rose Lane Sanfilipo, Austin Scott, Lee Tergesen, Michael Rispoli


When an influencer moves into an isolated cabin, she soon discovers its dark history and becomes haunted by a troubled spirit.

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