SASQUATCH on Hulu is a new true-crime series in 3 parts and no, it’s actually not about Bigfoot. Not really. Instead, it’s about the monsters we create to cover the very darkest of human deeds. Read our Sasquatch full mini-series review here!

SASQUATCH is a new true-crime mini-series on Hulu. With just three episodes around the 45-minute mark, it’s a quick binge. Also, it’s very interesting and switches directions quite a few times. Always for a reason because the story goes where the clues, evidence, and facts take it. 

Please note, that this docu-series is not about Bigfoot. Not really. Instead, the main subject is a 1993 triple homicide. 

Continue reading our Sasquatch mini-series review below and find all three episodes on Hulu now. 

This is not a hunt for Bigfoot

While Sasquatch isn’t actually about finding Bigfoot, it is about monsters. It just turns out that the monsters are more human than you’d think based on the title of this documentary mini-series.

Investigative journalist David Holthouse tries to solve a 1993 triple homicide which he first heard about just after it happened. He witnessed first-hand, how someone who discovered the bodies claimed it was the work of a Sasquatch (aka Bigfoot). That’s why this true-crime documentary also has an element of the mythical creature.

Episode 1 is very much about the legend of Bigfoot and several believers (or “Squatchers”) are interviewed. It’s very entertaining and informative. However, it also becomes obvious that we probably shouldn’t expect a Sasquatch to actually be responsible for the brutal death of three men in 1993.

Instead, the environment and business (weed growing) seem to be part of the story. Essentially, this true-crime documentary is all about the monsters we create to cover the very darkest of human deeds.

Sasquatch – Hulu Review

David Holthouse searching for the truth

To me, the thing that really worked with this true-crime production was witnessing how David Holthouse works. He always follows the evidence. Of course, he’s open to checking out most tips and clues, but if they don’t hold up, then he moves on. Many true-crime documentaries could learn from this.

Drop the red herring BS and focus on the evidence. Even when it doesn’t lead to proof of Bigfoot. After all, this was a fascinating angle but the hunt for the actual truth clearly wins out. And fast!

For the record, I don’t particularly believe that Bigfoot is real. Mostly because I don’t feel any of the “evidence” I’ve seen was very believable. However, I am very open to the possibility. I mean, why not. It’s not like I’ve seen a dinosaur either, but I believe they’ve existed due to the evidence presented.

Watch all three episodes of Sasquatch on Hulu now!

All three episodes in this Hulu mini-series are directed by Joshua Rofé. He also directed the true-crime documentary series Lorena on Amazon Prime Video which is all about Lorena Bobbitt. That mini-series was actually produced by Jordan Peele while Sasquatch is produced by the Duplass Brothers. 

In other words, Joshua Rofé is working with some heavy hitters when it comes to genre productions in general. After all, we know that real life is always darker and worse than any fiction we’re faced with!

Then again, while this documentary does take a very sober approach to look at the Sasquatch myth and lore, it isn’t really the subject of this Hulu mini-series. Both episode 1 and the final part of episode 3 do deal quite a lot with the subject though. Just in very different ways.

The Sasquatch true-crime series is out on Hulu from April 20, 2021.


SASQUATCH is a true crime doc series following investigative journalist David Holthouse as he attempts to solve a bizarre twenty-five year old triple homicide that was said to be the work of a mythical creature.

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