I’m not sure what I actually expected from the Turkish horror movie Baskin but it isn’t what I ended up getting

Baskin posterThere’s an amazing scene at the very beginning of Baskin where the police officers are having dinner and telling stories. One of the officers has a very interesting story, which is so refreshing and funny – even though you see the plot twists coming a mile away, the delivery is spot on!

This scene, however, is somewhat symptomatic of the movie as a whole: Some really great scenes, which might not deliver anything new for those of us who have seen a lot of horror movies, but they’re very well executed and you can’t help but be amazed that this movie came out of Turkey.

I mean, I love Turkey and know a lot of Turks, but the country is also going through a rough period with increasingly conservative and religious beliefs being prioritized over democracy and human rights.

But back to Baskin, which is essentially a lot of brilliant scenes, where we jump around a lot in time (and reality versus dreams and other dimensions), so you truly feel like you’re in some sort of Twilight Zone – or purgatory is probably more like it.

If you want blood, gore, sex and violence in a crazy story – and you’re up for reading subtitles because, honestly, dubbed versions truly suck – then Baskin is the kind of foreign horror movie you don’t want to miss out on. One word to describe it? Crazy! A few more? An insane demon dimension horror movie with a touch of comedy and mystery… which is completely batshit crazy!

It almost seems like director Can Evrenol has taken a bunch of awesome characters and scenes and just mashed them up and created a feature film. is that good? Well, it’s not a complete success, but it is insanely entertaining and plays with your senses.


Director: Can Evrenol
Writer: Ogulcan Eren Akay, Can Evrenol, Cem Ozuduru and Ercin Sadikoglu
Cast: Mehmet Cerrahoglu, Gorkem Kasal, Ergun Kuyucu, Muharrem Bayrak, Fatih Dokgöz, Sabahattin Yakut


A squad of unsuspecting cops goes through a trapdoor to Hell when they stumble upon a Black Mass in an abandoned building.

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