BABYSITTER MUST DIE is a Horror-Thriller with some excellent moments of comedy that always win me over. It’s not officially listed as a horror-comedy but it certainly could be. The tight runtime of 90 minutes is also a plus. Read our Babysitter Must Die movie review here!

BABYSITTER MUST DIE is a Horror-Thriller with a very simple story and some memorable characters. In fact, this movie surprised me in so many ways, I almost got giddy while watching this. Also, it does have some excellent moments of comedy to keep the story moving forward and I do love my horror mixed with some comedy.

While this isn’t billed as a horror-comedy, it reminded me quite a lot of movies like Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse or Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Both are movies I really love so this is a huge compliment.

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Riley Scott is Josie Jane

In the title role of the babysitter, Josie Jane, we have Riley Scott who works perfectly. She’s definitely too old to dress like a little girl. However, before you judge her (which I did and feel bad about for more than one reason), just know that it is actually part of the story. And hey, even if it wasn’t then she can wear whatever she damn well pleases.

Yeah, I did get a little political there. Everything is political anyway and if you don’t think so, then you’re just part of a majority that hasn’t felt it. There, I said it!

In any case, Riley Scott delivers a kick-ass performance as the somewhat quirky (to put it mildly) Josie Jane. Of course, Josie Jane is everyone’s favorite babysitter because she is all about the kid. Obviously, when someone forces their way into the house, Josie Jane is ready to take up the fight. In smart ways, though.

She’s a camp girl (in every sense of the word) and will not give up!

I haven’t seen Riley Scott in anything before but she does already have some guest-starring roles and other interesting credits on her resume. Also, she’s in Witch Hunt by Elle Callahan (Head Count) which premiered at the South by South West film festival in March 2021.

Babysitter Must Die (2020) – Horror Review

Appreciate this movie for what it is!

Comparing Babysitter Must Die to movies like Tucker and Dale vs Evil might be going a bit far. I mean, obviously, the more appropriate comparison would probably be Better Watch Out or The Babysitter since both movies also feature a babysitter.


The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen which you’ll find on Netflix >

Really, this new movie is in a league of its own and I hope it reaches a huge audience. It really does deserve this!

The plot is so very simple and yet, you could build a huge horror franchise on the back of it. And yes, I think I am probably writing this in an attempt to will it into becoming a thing. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the title which just seems too generic for this very interesting story.

On IMDb, the default title is still “Josie Jane: Kill the Babysitter” which I honestly prefer to the one they’ve gone with for this wider release. Oh well.

Watch Babysitter Must Die on VOD

Kohl Glass is the director behind Babysitter Must Die and he is definitely the kind of director, I need to keep my eye out for. He also directed the TV movie You May Now Kill the Bride (2016) which is also listed as a thriller, but the title alone makes it sound like it’s pretty darn kitsch.

Kohl Glass also wrote the screenplay along with Julie Auerbach and Kevin Tavolaro. Especially Julie Auerbach is a name we’ve recently become familiar with. She also co-wrote the low-budget horror movie Stay Out of the F**king Attic (2020) which I really enjoyed.


Our review of the Shudder horror movie Stay Out of the F**king Attic which has a ridiculously low IMDb rating >

Also, again, that sweet-spot runtime of 90 minutes also means you won’t be wasting too much time if it isn’t up your alley. Then again, if all the horror-comedies mentioned in this review are actually your jam, then you should enjoy watching this horror thriller. Especially because it does also have some very bloody and crazy moments!

Babysitter Must Die is out on all major cable/satellite On Demand and digital VOD providers on June 22, 2021.


Director: Kohl Glass
Writers: Julie Auerbach and Kevin Tavolaro
Stars: Riley Scott, Melinda Yeaman, Nathan Stevens, Nik Fitzgerald, Scarlett Hazen, Kristin Jensen, Robert Scott Smith


During a game of hide-and-seek, a pack of cultists invade the house of a wealthy family to find an apocalyptic secret hidden in the walls. What they don’t know is babysitter Josie is still hiding and armed with a variety of kick-ass skills.

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