Alicia left the boat a captive last week to help Travis, who had already been taken. This week Alicia continues to be smart and looks like a true survivor in Fear The Walking Dead episode 5

We’re back with another Fear The Walking Dead recap for episode 5, which is officially titled Captive. Strand almost died last week, but Madison pulled him out of the water, and now she has put herself in charge of the boat while Strand recovers… also, she’s mostly planning how to get back Alicia and Travis.

Alicia has arrived at Connor’s base, where he’s trying his very best to make a good impression. We find out that he used to be a cook on a ship, and he prides himself on keeping his people well-fed, so he makes Alicia a steak. The man sure seems to know his way around herbs and spices, and the food seems to go down pretty well.

Alicia Clark eating FTWD

Unfortunately, the pregnant lady who boarded the ship last episode, also notices that Alicia is enjoying the meal, so she decides she wants it for herself. Oh well, the pleasure was short but sweet – or probably more savoury, but you know.

Meanwhile, Madison is – of course – completely focused on how to get back her husband and daughter. Also, she has every intention of going to get them herself. She’s very aware that Nick is capable of helping – something Strand and Daniel both question, because they feel she’s treating him like a child.

However, mother knows best and she has seen “that look” in his eyes again, and seem to feel that facing danger head-on might be his new addiction. It makes sense and I have to say I agree. Let’s be real, Madison has been one of the most level-headed characters on Fear The Walking Dead and she’s used to dealing with her addict son, so she’ll see things that people who’ve known him for a few weeks won’t.

She also lets Strand know that she’s very upset Nick went to shore alone and in the middle of the night to meet up with Luis. Again, she recognizes that Nick can handle himself, but he seems to be enjoying this all a bit too much, which makes it dangerous.

Luis on the other hand, is mostly worried about how they’ll get the money to get everyone across the border to Mexico. He had only expected two people (Strand and himself), but Strand knows he owes a debt and seems intent on doing what he can to help.

Daniel is also doing his part by trying to keep Reed alive, while Reed is doing his very best to get Chris (aka annoying teenage son) worked up, which is all too easy, so Daniel wants him to leave. As Daniel is cleaning Reed’s wound – and, more importantly, letting him talk – he finds out that Connor is Reed’s older brother and that they had a terrible father, who Connor finally punished [he cut their father’s achilles heel] the last time he tried to hurt Reed. Yes, everything is a family affair on Fear The Walking Dead.

FTWD 205 Ofelia

While Daniel is nervous about Chris’ reaction to Reed’s taunts, he also recognizes that Chris wants to help, so he asks him to guard the door. Ofelia questions this as she feels Chris should be kept away from all the blood and gore – just for a little bit. She also offers to clean her father’s own cuts, but Daniel distances himself.

Alicia continues to work Jack, who is oblivious to this since he’s falling hard for the girl. He tries to teach her his old job, so she can work for Connor’s team. It’s the job of talking to people on boats in the area and find out which ones they can take.

Oh yeah, Alicia was on the other end of Jack doing this job, so she knows what it’s all about. Of course, this means Alicia is not liking the idea at all, and when Jack accidentially reveals that the people on these boats never join the crew, she becomes both scared and angry. Clearly, this means her own family is probably doomed. She hits him good with the clipboard, but Jack’s got it bad for her so he ends up agreeing they should take a boat, so they can run away together.

For the record, I am loving that for once, it’s a teenage boy making all these super hormonal choices while under the influence of complete infatuation.Fear The Walking Dead recap Jack

Of course, Alicia won’t leave without Travis and want to at least see him, but Travis is trapped in a holding cell of some sort, where Alex [from Flight 462 and episode 3 of this FTWD season] shows up. She reveals that she had to kill the boy, who was left on the raft with her. Also, she totally blames Travis, because he made the suggestion that they could stay on the life boat after the Abigail instead of boarding.

I have to say, this whole scene was very strange to me. One minute Alex is stating that she’s the one who told Connor’s crew all about the Abigail – so it’s not Alicia who’s to blame for everything, which Travis makes sure to tell her when they finally meet a bit later. Also, Alex states that “I gave them the Abigail, but I asked for you” which sounds like a death threat, but then they talk for a bit. Travis reveals he killed his son’s mother and they bond on killing people they care about… and then Alex takes off and says she belongs to no one, which seems to be her way of saying that she’s not part of Connor’s crew (even if Connor’s crew seem to think so).

I’m sure this whole exchange is leading to plot developments in later episodes because it just felt forced here!

Madison finally gets in contact with Connor and arranges an exchange: Her family for Connor’s brother Reed. The deal is made and seconds later they hear a gunshot and we ALL know the annoying teenage son has done something stupid.

He shot Reed, saying he was changing. Madison comforts him but also seems to be aware that she’s got two sons she needs to look out for. And of course, the fool shot him in the cheek, so Reed wakes up as one of “The Dead” and Daniel is quick to stop anyone from killing this new Walker, since the deal can be back on.

Fear The Walking Dead Jesse McCartney

A hooded Reed with his hands tied is brought to the exchange, and when Madison gets Travis thrown into her arms, she cuts Dead-Reed loose and throws him towards his brother. Connor takes off the hood, is shocked to see his brother has turned and is quickly bitten.

Travis and Madison take off in the boat, and after Alicia hid in a cupboard to buy some time, she gets out on the deck, and leaves Jack with a “I’m sorry” and jumps ship to join them as her mamma calls.


I love how Madison and Alicia were totally working everything and everyone this episode, while Alex returned – albeit in a strange way – and seems bound to return again soon.

For the record, this is the official episode plot:

Alicia works toward reuniting with her family; Travis comes across a familiar face; Madison and Nick try to save their family against all odds.

Read the recap for episode 4 right here, if you missed it. We’ll be back next time with a recap for episode 6.

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