Part two of the season finale opens up for an awesome season 3 of Fear The Walking Dead.

The first part of the season finale ended with Travis beating Derek and Brandon to death for killing Chris. Of course, the real problem, is the fact that Travis also managed to injure Oscar. The rule of the hotel – which Madison suggested, when Victor Strand was stabbed by someone staying at the hotel – is that you get exiled for hurting another hotel guest.

If you missed the recap of episode 214, which was the first part of the season finale for season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, then read the full recap here!

The title of this episode is North, because after a season 2 in Mexico, it seems everyone is planning to head back North in hopes to find less chaos in the good ol’ US of A. But, of course, it’s never that simple…

The season finale is bloody and very final for several characters

Travis (Cliff Curtis) is completely catatonic as windows are smashed around him, in order for people to finaly get in. The hotel group wants to get to Oscar, who Travis managed to give a serious head injury during his meltdown. They pull Travis away and lock him in a room. Since he’s completely out of it, he goes along quietly. Madison (Kim Dickens) makes sure Brandon and Derek get a knife through the brain before they turn, so we don’t need to worry about that part.

Of course, this really is the least of their worries, since Travis will be thrown out. Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is the one who suggests they have to go with him. Madison doesn’t want to put Alicia in any more danger, but her daughter insists that they’ve already lost too many. They can’t loose Travis as well.

FTWD season 2 finale

Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) wants to stay. He very calmly states that he considers leaving would be a certain death. And if he didn’t kill himself over Thomas, he won’t do it for them. 

Madison goes to Elena (Karen Bethzabe) and Hector (Ramses Jimenez) to present this solution. She asks for Travis to stay the night with his family, and then they’ll all leave the next day. Hector doesn’t want to except this, but Elena points out that the two of them are only part of the hotel group, because Madison fought for them.

Nothing ever goes according to plan

As Travis joins Madison in their hotel room, Travis talks about how he’s changed for having killed Derek and Brandon. Madison reveals that she was changed in this way long before he was. She tells him how she locked Celia in with the infected back at the Abigail Estate. In other words, Travis is just catching up with her now, because she’s been doing whatever it takes to protect her family for a while now.

All seems calm and good, but, of course, nothing ever goes off without a hitch in this new world. And when Oscar dies during the night, all deals are off. Oscar’s brother is the hotel’s doctor, Andrés (Raul Casso) and it’s not difficult for Hector to convince him that they need to punish Travis.

Andrés and Hector go to the hotel room where Travis is staying with Madison and Alicia. Travis immediately accepts his fate and just wants Madison and Alicia out of the room, so they don’t have to watch it happen. Alicia pleads with Andrés as he points a gun at Travis, but he’s not listening. As his fingers starts to cradle the trigger, Alicia plunges a knife into Andrés chest.

Andrés seems to finally snap out of it and looks shocked, so Alicia apologizes, but clearly, she had no choice. Hector is ready to kill the entire Clark-Manawa family now, but Victor pulls out a gun and makes sure Travis, Madison and Alicia can leave. Victor goes with them out of the hotel, but he still doesn’t want to leave the hotel, so the small family gets into a truck and leave immediately.

They crash through the gate and hopefully the focus of the hotel group will be on fixing the gate and keeping the place safe rather than chasing after them. As Travis drives, Madison sits with Alicia in the back seat.

She recognizes that her daughter is now right there with Madison and Travis in having killed a human being to keep her family safe. Alicia is quiet and looking out at the night sky, when Madison assures her that it will all be better.

The three of them head to the warehouse, where Madison and Elena went to get supplies for Victor’s stab-injury. The place where she heard someone talking about Nick.

When Madison starts talking about finding Nick, Alicia is immediately worried and questions her mom’s rationale. Of course, in this case, it does make sense to find the place where Nick has found a home, since they are now without one of their own.

Of course, the warehouse is empty as all the Narcos have headed to the Colonia to take over the place.

Nick continues to evolve as a person every time he decides not to run

Back at the Colonia compound, Nick seemed to have decided to leave, but when he sees a red helicopter (which certainly does look like a MediVac), he returns with a plan. He finally manages to convince Alejandro that he can be the hero, he wants to be to his people, while also letting them go.

As Nick left, he was standing on top of the school bus rather than going through it, and I couldn’t help but think he was considering some sort of plan.

As the Narcos arrive to a seemingly empty Colonia, the plan becomes clear. The gangsters manage to get through the wall of the infected – they are after all the “walking” dead, so it’s not that difficult to get past them, when you’re also heavily armed.

Still, Marco (the bossman of the Narcos) can’t help but comment that it seems too easy as they go through the school bus and find themselves inside a deserted Colonia.

The place really is empty except for one person; Alejandro. He musters up what little strength – and life – he has left and gets into the school bus. He starts to engine and drives forward, leaving a huge gap in the fence, for the infected to get into the Colonia.

Since everything is quiet in the compound, the Narcos hear the bus engine and return to the fence, but the infected are already in. They start shooting, but now the infected are already spreading through out the Colonia.

As Travis, Madison and Alicia arrive at the Colonia, they find Alejandro lying on the floor of the bus. They try to make it comfortable for him, and as Madison asks for Nick, Alejandro asks if she’s his mother and manages to say “North”, but nothing else.

He dies and Alicia hands Madison a knife, so they can make sure he doesn’t come back as an infected. She does and then the little family is off once again.

No season finale without a cliffhanger

Nick is leading the people of the Colonia towards the border, since the helicopter landed in the US, so this must be where the camp is. As they arrive to the border itself, everything seems very quiet, but as they begin to cross and walk amongst empty cars, someone shows up and starts shooting at them.

Americans dressed in army camouflage shoot at all of them, and hit Luciana as one of the first. He tries to protect her and pull her to safety, as everyone starts running in different directions. The men with guns pull them apart, calling Luciana “a bleeder” and hold them at gun-point.

Ahh yes, some things never change and these people seem like adult versions of Derek and Brandon, so things could turn out to be a lot worse North of the border..

This is where we leave everyone in the season finale of Fear The Walking Dead

Travis, Madison and Alicia are heading North. Nick, Luciana and the Colonia people are already at the border, where people are shooting at them. Luciana is already hurt pretty badly. Ofelia crossed the border somewhere else in the previous episode, where an American in camouflage shot at her, but didn’t hit her (I think he’s probably a decent guy).

Victor Strand stayed behind at the hotel, and Chris is apparently dead. But… we only saw this in Travis’ imagined flashbacks, based on what Derek and Brandon said, so I’m not completely sure we should accept this as fact.

For the record, this is the official episode plot of the final season finale episode:

Travis’ rage causes unrest at the hotel. Madison must decide if she will stand by Travis. Nick takes on leadership of the Colonia as Narcos close in.

That’s it for season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead and it ended with one damn good season finale, which has our hopes up for season 3.

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