Oh yes, there will be blood! Two The Walking Dead worlds collide and Nick discovers one of the most important tricks for survival. Welcome to our latest Fear The Walking Dead recap

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We’re back with another Fear The Walking Dead recap for episode 3, which is officially titled Ouroboros. This time our characters will be joined by a few new people, when they find the remains of the crashed plane from Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 and the two shows collide. FTWD: Flight 462 is a webseries consisting of one-minute episodes, so it won’t take long to catch up on, if you want to do that.

A new interesting character – which should return since the actress’ name appeared in the credits among the regulars and not guest stars – is Alex. Or, Charlie, if you’ve watched the webseries. For some reason they’re calling her Alex, which is pretty strange since she’s been “Charlie” in the webseries, but maybe an explanation will show up.

Either way, she has the kind of name that works for any gender, which means she’s probably a queer character of some sort. In other words; Good luck, you’re bound to die, Charlie/Alex/Queer girl. Oh, but don’t worry, that part won’t happen until you’ve fallen in love with a girl and you’ve just started to feel a touch of happiness.

Fear The Walking Dead Charlie Alex

Look at that gorgeous flanel shirt. Yep, she’s doomed!

In any case, she’s portrayed by Michelle Ang (MTV’s shortlived series Underemployed) and seems to be a no-nonsense girl, who wants to get shit done. Perfect girl for any kind of horror story. Maybe this one’ll make it… they just need her to hook up with a male character fast, for that to happen. Okay, okay, I’ll back off the doom and gloom for now.

Our usual characters on the ‘Abigail’ encounter a new problem, when the engines stop due to overheating, because something is blocking the water access for cooling. Travis goes into the water – in the middle of the night, which Madison obviously doesn’t like – and sees one of The Dead has its arm stuck in a water filter. They decide to work on the problem the next day – in daylight – after he’s done some initial engine work from the inside.

While Travis is growing a beard – oh, and working on the engine, of course – Daniel confides in Madison that he knows Strand wants to head for Mexico. She wonders why he tells her, so she can confront Strand, instead of doing it himself. He lets her know he expects that she would be more diplomatic. Yeah, he’s probably right about that!

Fear The Walking Dead Ouroboros

Madison confronts Strand, who admits that they’re in fact heading for Baja, where there’s a safe house waiting. After a brief conversation, they agree to stick together and trust each other, while stating that they’ll end up eating themselves. Thus giving us the episode title explanation: Ouroboros means ‘tail devourer’ in Greek and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world.

Still, for good measure, Madison’s parting words are that she’ll throw him overboard, if he hurts anyone in her family. Strand confidently states that she’s not a killer. Yeah, he’s probably very wrong about that… Madison doesn’t say anything though. Who needs words, when you can give this look:

FTWD S2E03 Madison Travis

Meanwhile, Alicia’s been watching the nearest island, where a whole bunch of suitcases has washed ashore, and not a Dead has been in sight, so they decide to head to the island and get supplies.

Or, actually, all the kids want to go and none of the adults are agreeing, except for Daniel since he knows his daughter, Ofelia, needs some antibiotics and he refuses to ask Madison for help. He’s on this “we have to fend for ourselves”-trip, because he believes every family will always prioritize their own… and he’s probably right.

They arrive and start to going through all the suitcases, finding all sorts of fashionable new accessories.

Fear TWD Alicia Clark

Alicia bonding with her brother and trying on a new style

As per usual, annoying teenage son, Chris, takes off. By doing so, he’s completely ignoring Daniel’s order to stay where he can see them. He finds a part of the plan wreck and has fun teasing a zombie, who’s wearing an oxygen mask. What a fucked up annoying little teenage son he’s turning into. He finally kills the zombie and then realizes a real human is in the nearby seat. He helps the still living man out of his seat, but the man’s spine is sticking out of his back and he asks Chris to help him. In other words, to please kill him. Chris helps the guy and is hurting… and I don’t really care, because it’s going to take a lot more to redeem the kid. In my book anyway.

Staying near the shore and helping to scavenge, Nick is lending his drug expertise to Daniel, who hasn’t found the right drugs for his daughter. Nick stumbles upon something later, which is right before he ends up on the wrong end of a zombie. As in, underneath it! He makes it out okay, and in doing so, he discovers the “zombie blood disguise”.


You can complain all you want that characters on Fear The Walking Dead will never survive, but if you re-watch the first season of The Walking Dead, you’ll soon realize those characters weren’t much better to begin with. These characters are actually learning pretty fast, and Nick discovering the “blood disguise”-trick this soon is making him a lot smarter than all of the characters on the original show. Yeah, I like Nick Clark. Deal with it!

I am also liking how the Alicia Clark character seems to have found her strength again after two pretty meek first episodes this season. We all know Commander Lexa… uhh, I mean, Alycia Debnam-Carey, has an amazing talent for being a total kick-ass woman, and we need to see a lot more of it. Please and thank you.

The fight with the zombies begin just as Alex/Charlie/”Flannel shirt girl” is running towards Daniel with most of the passengers (no longer alive) chasing her. They all fight valiantly and manage to make it to the lifeboat, and back to the ‘Abigail’. Alex makes sure they get the remaining living passenger on the way, but once they reach the yacht, Strand refuses to let them step onboard.

Fear The Walking Dead Ouroboros recap

A compromise is made, that they can stay in the lifeboat and will receive food, water and blankets, while being towed by the yacht. Strand agrees but later the same night, he cuts the rope and leaves them behind. Madison witnesses this and says nothing, as she’s trying to secure her relationship with Strand.

You know, over all, I actually felt like this could’ve been an episode of The Walking Dead and that’s a good thing. As far as quality and storyline goes, I was very happy with this episode and have faith that season 2 will deliver everything we hope for!

For the record, this is the official episode plot:

Madison confronts Strand about his mysterious destination. Meanwhile, Nick, Alicia and others inspect wreckage from a plane crash.

Read the recap for episode 2 right here, if you missed it. We’ll be back next time with a recap for episode 4.

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