Rob Zombie’s 31 looks like Hunger Games on crack – twisted, sick and very entertaining!

The world has finally gotten the long awaited trailer for Rob Zombie’s 31, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival back in January 2016.

With a cast featuring true horror icons, Rob Zombie’s 31 certainly reads like the kind of movie you really shouldn’t miss. Even if you’re not the biggest Rob Zombie fan to begin with – oh yes, such people do exist. Even in our little world of horror lovers.

31 (Rob Zombie)Actors such as Richard Brake from Rob Zombie’s Halloween II and Meg Foster, who starred in John Carpenter’s They Live and Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem are among the stars. Also, there’s the cult actor Malcolm McDowell, who you probably know from Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange or, of course, Rob Zombie’s Halloween from 2007.

Here’s the official plot for Rob Zombie’s 31, which gives you a pretty good idea of what you’ll see in the trailer:

The day before Halloween, five carnival employees are kidnapped & held hostage in an isolated compound known as “Murderworld”. On Halloween, they are thrown into a sadistic game called “31” where they must survive 12 hours against a gang of maniacs dressed like clowns. However, the clowns aren’t the only ones they need to worry about – a grand scheme of satanic rituals & a much more sadistic plot awakens. It’s time to play 31.

Interestingly enough, the plot is very reminiscent of the upcoming Danish horror movie Finale, though that one should be set in a somewhat more intimate and exclusive setting, from what we know so far.

Rob Zombie’s 31 will be released on VOD September 16, and theatrically October 21, 2016.

For now, you’ll have to make do with the trailer, but it’s both long and crazy enough that you can watch it quite a few times.

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