3 Horror Franchise Hits That Were Born in the 00s Era

Horror franchises have given us some of the most memorable scary moments. While many of them started during the 1960s, it was actually the 2000s that delivered some of the best. Let’s find out more about the ones that made their mark.

Final Destination

Like many popular 00s horror movies, this one focuses on a group of friends who manage to escape death as one of them has a premonition. The franchise began with Final Destination in 2000 and was followed up by the second and third installments in 2003 and 2006. Proving that the fatalistic death scenes still held a strange attraction, Final Destination 5 came out in 2011. The sixth entry will debut on HBO Max, showing that the concept of trying to cheat death still makes for a strong plot.


When it comes to a horror franchise, the more twisted, the better. That’s how Saw captured the attention of audiences when it was first released in 2004. There have since been eight more successful movies in the franchise. Each one relies on the twisted game of the main antagonist, Jigsaw. The serial killer sets up deadly games where the victims are pawns. The smart but creepy twists are combined with a race against time.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is a 00s franchise that owes its success to playing on our worst fear, a haunted house. The first movie was released in 2007. It got everyone talking thanks to its jump scares and found-footage style. The haunted house theme is an extremely popular theme and it is highly appreciated by fans of the horror genre. It can be found in many forms of entertainment such as video games or even casino games like in the Ghost Slider slot. The first two Paranormal Activity movies were so successful that another two followed. There have now been spin-offs, including The Marked Ones, The Ghost Dimension, and a follow-up Next of Kin.


The 00s were a unique time for creative takes on psychological horrors. They took the genre to the next level by using cinematography to transmit a feeling of fear to the audience.

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