If you love seeing how people react when someone tries to scare them to death, then The Conjuring 2 prank is perfect for you!

There’s a new hidden camera video from Brazil, which features the most amazing The Conjuring 2 prank and it’s definitely worth watching. It’s a bit long with a running time of 9 minutes, but trust me, it’s worth it. Right when you think it’s safe to go out into the world, someone comes along with a plan to scare the life out of a few people (three women in this case) to entertain the many. And I can definitely appreciate that!

Please, just do yourself a favor and watch this video with The Conjuring 2 prank featuring an introduction from director James Wan himself:

While I do love horror movies and put myself in situations, where I know the plan is to scare me, I doubt I’ll ever experience it as intensely as the people in that video. And really, I’m kinda nervous I might react really badly. More specifically, I’m afraid I might just punch whoever tries to scare me! Pure survival instinct. If horror movies have taught me one thing, it’s that you have to defend yourself when someone (or something) comes at you.

the conjuring 2013 drive-in experienceThen again, I went to a special preview screening of The Conjuring back in 2013 at a drive-in and I didn’t exactly react bravely. This is me during the movie – and yes, I am wearing my seatbelt and have the hood of my summer jacket up. Clearly, my eyes are giving a silent scream for help!

Also, they got me real good. It was pitch black outside and we kept hearing screams from all the other cars, so you knew stuff was happening. So when an Annabelle doll suddenly knocked on the window next to me, I nearly died. After that I kept thinking I saw something outside. As we left the drive-in movie theater, we saw 6-8 people in full black outfits with their hoods off, just smiling and waving Annabelle dolls. Well played indeed!

Actually, we were also invited to another special event for Northern Europe, which would take place out in the woods near Stockholm, Sweden. We couldn’t make it, unfortunately, but after hearing that a Finnish journalist fainted, I’m thinking maybe it was for the best. Just kidding, I would’ve loved it – and yes, possibly fainted, though that’s not really my style.

I expect the closest I’ll get to experience something similar to this, will probably be when we’re going to The Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios in Los Angeles this July. Oh yeah, it’ll be quite the treat, I’m sure.

Also, if you liked The Conjuring 2 prank, where the Annabelle doll played a small part as well, then you should watch the one the same people did for Annabelle as well. Who knows, maybe we’ll get a new for the the upcoming Annabelle sequel as well.

For now, enjoy this one for Annabelle right here:

We recently gave The Conjuring 2 a top rating, and if you haven’t already been out to watch the movie, then you really need to make plans to do so. It really should be watched in a movie theater if at all possible. Also, it bears watching more than once. Just sayin’.

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