THE MIRE ’97 on Netflix is Season 2 of the Polish crime series that became quite a hit with its first season. The production quality and storyline just had universal appeal. So should this new season that takes place during the summer of ’97. Read our The Mire season 2 review here!

THE MIRE ’97 is out on Netflix now. It’s season 2 of the Polish crime series The Mire which was rather successful when the first season was released. If you haven’t already checked out that one, you can easily get around to it on Netflix. The first season took place in the 1980s, but you’ll meet several of the same characters in this new season.


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The original title is Rojst but you don’t need to worry about the Polish aspect of this Netflix series if you’re not into foreign productions. All you need to know is that this series has intriguing characters, an interesting storyline, good actors, and impressive productions quality.

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Poland in 1997

As the title indicates, the story in The Mire ’97 season plays out in 1997. Apparently, the retro appeal of the ’90s has also branched into genre productions worldwide. Just last week, we got Part 1 of Fear Street which took place in 1994. Personally, I loved the whole 1990’s vibe, but I was also a teenager in that decade, which probably explains this.


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For season 2 of The Mire, we’re still in Poland (of course!) which does offer up some different aspects of the whole 90’s era. The USSR has come to an end and all of Eastern Europe is trying to find its identity in new ways. Obviously, this also impacts how the police and justice system works. And, not least, the press. Something that plays a rather big role.

The Mire: '97 (Season 2) – Netflix Review

Still character-driven – including LGBT representation

While the country is almost a character in itself (Poland in the 1980s in season 1 and Poland in 1997 in season 2), the actual people are what makes most of the story work so well.

This new season also begins very intensely with a scene that plays out during World War II. Nazi soldiers are forcing Polish prisoners to build weapons. Of course, this is based on actual events as the extreme flooding of 1997. As was the case with the recently released Polish thriller Prime Time (also on Netflix), much real news footage is used to show this.


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For season 2, we even get an LGBTQ main character, which was quite surprising. After all, Poland is one of the countries where LGBTQ people are struggling right now. The country even has “LGBT-free zones”(yes, really, read up on via Wikipedia here). Of course, art has always been one of the areas where boundaries are pushed. And where change comes from, in many cases.

In general, you should also notice that almost every woman working in male-dominated fields tends to cut their hair short and/or dress in rather masculine clothes. It makes sense and is part of how progress has been made – assimilation is often the only safe way for women to enter the male-dominated fields.

Watch The Mire ’97 (season 2 of The Mire) on Netflix now!

Jan Holoubek is the director and screenplay co-author on The Mire ’97. The screenplay was written with Kasper Bajo and the duo also worked on season 1. While season 1 started a bit stronger, the story seems to go deeper in season 2. Also, there are six episodes in this second season, whereas season one “only” had five episodes.

If you liked season 1, then you should definitely check out The Mire ’97. And also, if you do like this new season, then the first is definitely worth watching as well. Hopefully, we’ll get a third season as well – maybe one that takes place in much more recent time.

More than anything, The Mire is about showing the fight and struggle – as well as the evolution – taking place in Poland. Amazing and strong characters are front and center for the storyline and it’s perfect for drawing in viewers. And yes, as always, you should watch this in the original language to experience the nuances of the performances.

The Mire season 2 (or The Mire ’97) is out on Netflix with all episodes from July 7, 2021.


The flood of the century unearths another body in Gronty forest and with it comes corruption, scams from the ’90s and long-hidden secrets from WWII.

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