HELLBOUND ​ending explained. This article features questions and answers explaining the ending of the South Korean Hellbound series on Netflix. If you haven’t watched it yet, then stop reading and go watch it on Netflix first. Read our spoiler-free review of Hellbound here >

Want the Netflix series Hellbound​ ending explained? Or maybe there are some elements of the story that you’re still wondering about? There certainly was a lot to take in. Well, you’ve come to the right place for a further explanation.

The horror series HELLBOUND explores philosophical ideas about the horrors of people, the power to manipulate through fear, and the rise of false prophets via social media.

We’ll go over the ending of Hellbound along with a few other details necessary to explain the ending of Hellbound which is out on Netflix now!

Warning: Since this article is all about explaining the ending of Hellbound, it is obviously full of spoilers.

If you haven’t watched the series on Netflix yet, then you should read our review of Hellbound instead.

Last warning before the spoilers begin!

Netflix Series Hellbound ending explained

Let’s jump right into it with some of the questions you may have. We’ve certainly wondered about a few things ourselves and are seeing these questions asked on social media as well. Some are about the plot of Hellbound while others are about the ending.

What are the monsters in Hellbound?

First of all, they’re fairly bad CGI. Sorry, but it’s the one real weak point of the Hellbound series. Other than that, the monsters appear to be creatures from Hell. Whether you call them demons or simply the Devil’s creatures, the Hellbound monsters are definitely brutal (and supernatural).

What’s with the Time Jump in Hellbound?

Season 1 of Hellbound is essentially told in two parts. The first three episodes are about the foundation of The New Truth. This includes a reality where an “angel” appears to tell someone when they will die and that they are going to Hell. At the time stated by the angel, three monsters will appear and brutally kill that person.

Essentially, this also means we have a main cast in episodes 1 to 3, and a totally new main cast in episodes 4 to 6. Only the female lawyer, Min Hye-jin, from the first half of the season continues to be a key character in the final half. This actually makes Min Hye-jin the main character of the Hellbound Netflix series.

The time jump is meant to show us how the world has evolved after accepting the “The New Truth religion in the aftermath of a very public demonstration. The demonstration causes people to witness a woman being beaten to death by three monstrous creatures from Hell.

What happens to Detective Jin after episode 3 of Hellbound?

What happened to Detective Jin after episode 3 of Hellbound?

Detective Jin chooses to protect his daughter – and the rest of the world if you believe Jinsu’s theory about how people will react. That means Detective Jin will keep his mouth shut about Jinsu’s death. So he probably vanishes to keep away from all things concerning The New Truth.

When does Hellbound take place?

Hellbound has a major time jump into the future with the beginning of episode 4. The first three Hellbound episodes are set in 2023. After the time jump, we see a mention of the exact year when Professor Gong returns to Hankuk University where a “2027 Academic Year Kickoff Ceremony” banner is hanging.

Did Toughie Survive in Hellbound?

Yes, it appears that the infant who received a decree from an angel, giving him just three days to live, did survive. The three monsters from hell came (as predicted), but Toughie’s parents wrapped their bodies around their infant.

Most likely, they never expected to survive but simply wanted to try their best and, at the very least, be with their infant son when he died.

In true and positive miracle form, the parents’ bodies burned to a crisp, while the infant boy “Toughie” managed to survive.

Why did Park Jeong-ja resurrect in Hellbound?

Well that is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? Park Jeong-ja gets resurrected in the final scene of the final episode of Hellbound. It seems impossible that the resurrection of Park Jeong-ja isn’t somehow connected to the fact that baby Toughie survived his demonstration.

It would appear that many already rejected the belief that people who received a decree were automatically sinners. The fact that a newborn received a decree would make it obvious to everyone that the whole “only sinners receive decrees” had to be a lie.

Perhaps this was the goal all along; To force human beings to protect one another!

So far, people protected loved ones by going away for their demonstrations. This time, because Toughie was an infant, his parents put themselves between the boy and death.

Were the angels sent by God?

It seems a bit strange, so maybe it was the devil all along. After all, why would an angel of God appear to tell someone they were about to get dragged to hell?!

As soon as people fought back with complete and unconditional love by sacrificing themselves, someone survived. So maybe God intervened in what had been the Devil’s work.

It’s all speculation so far, but hopefully, a second season of Hellbound will explain much more. Till then, we’ll have to speculate about the Hellbound ending instead.

Netflix Series HELLBOUND Park Jeong-ja resurrection

That’s all we have for our ending explained piece for Hellbound. If you have more questions, then feel free to send them our way and we’ll do our best to update this post with more questions and answers. 

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