Heaven of Horror recently spoke with actress Carla Kidd about playing the role of Mrs. Bloom in Harrow House Films’ recently released horror film, Aged.

Written and directed by Anubys Lopez, Aged stars Morgan Boss-Maltais (Netflix’s The Sleepover), Carla Kidd Lifetime’s #TextMeWhenYouGetHome), and Dave McClain (Maverick Entertainment’s Platinum).

The Aged synopsis reads: After taking a temporary job as a caregiver, a young woman realizes her employer and the house have a dangerous, dark past. Lopez previously wrote and directed the horror film, Those Who Call, which was released by Uncork’d Entertainment earlier this year and can now be seen on digital platforms such as Tubi and Amazon Prime.

Aged is now available on VOD.

What initially attracted you to the Aged script?

The scene I auditioned with was intriguing. It made me want to know more about the story and this character in particular. Once I was offered the role, Anubys Lopez (the writer/director) sent me the whole script and I was all in.

You play Mrs. Bloom in Aged. What did you do to prepare for the roll?

I wanted her to be a whole person and not just “the mean one.” I worked out her personal history and the history of the whole Bloom family/situation. The journal that Mrs. Bloom writes in throughout the film is filled with entries from her perspective- tracking her day to day/year to year existence in this nightmare.

AGED horror movie

Do you have a favorite memory from the Aged set?

Because we were filming in such a remote location and frequently late into the night, the majority of cast and crew were lodged at the house where we were filming (it’s actually a lovely historic home and incredibly peaceful). After the days’ filming was complete, we had a lot of time to hang out and just get to really know each other. I made some great friends with whom I am still close today.

Your character in the film is pretty dark. What did you do to get into character?

I actually don’t see her as dark. I see her as a good person in a horrible situation willing to do horrible things to escape. One of my first (of many) conversations with Anubys was about his vision of Mrs. Bloom. If he needed her to be just plain evil then I knew I wouldn’t be the right person for the role.

I know she will be seen as “the villain” but I hope other layers to her will also come across. She feels guilty and shameful for what she is doing and in her own way tries to make sure Veronica is taken care of. As far as “getting into character” I put myself in her position ~ what does she need, what is she willing to do to get it, and how does she deal with the conflicting emotions of doing something she KNOWS is wrong.

Was there a scene in Aged that was particularly challenging for you?

SPOILER ALERT! I am claustrophobic and the bathtub scene at the end was definitely a challenge.

You have acted in a lot of horror projects. What attracts you to this genre most?

Actually, Aged is the first horror film I have worked on and I was drawn to it because of the psychological aspects. I’m a horror weenie. True story: I had nightmares from the original Ghostbusters …for YEARS. Once I see a powerful image it is forever etched in my brain, so I make a point of not letting myself see them.

I can’t watch slasher films at all, but I love psychological/suspense. I watch with my husband so I can close my eyes through the bloody parts and he gives me the “all clear” when I can look. Working on this film has changed that somewhat.

What was the best piece of advice director Anubys Lopez gave you about playing your character?

To take the character he created and make it my own.

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